Baa-d weather: Flash flooding leaves flock of Scots sheep stranded

A FLOCK of sheep were left in a baa-d way after horrific storms battered Scotland, leaving the animals stranded on a makeshift island.

The farm animals were spotted stuck on a patch of grass in a field in Dunoon, Argyll and Bute on Saturday following the torrid weather.

The flock’s field was submerged by the torrential rain, leaving the animals huddled together in the middle before their farmer was duly informed.

The flock of sheep were content staying on their tiny island after flooding. Credit: Facebook

Thankfully, later footage saw the creatures manage to meander their way over to the waiting farmer, despite having to take a chilly dip in the surrounding waters to get there.

A picture shows the flock all grouped together as over a dozen sheep – many with blue dye markings – graze on a single patch of grass, seemingly rather unfazed.

The remaining land has been ravaged by the inclement weather and trees in the background of the picture appear to be sinking into the water.

Later video footage shows the sheep wading their way to safety after their field has become uninhabitable, now being completely submerged in muddy rainwater.

The livestock play follow the leader as each animal hops into the water before hilariously bouncing and shimmying their way to the farmer who waits in the safety of the grass.

The image was shared on social media on Saturday by a concerned bystander writing: “Across from The Cothouse if anyone knows the farmer.”

The post received over 5,900 likes with hundreds of comments from social media users who couldn’t believe the state of the field.

Christine Campbell said: “Gosh, you all got some terrible weather.”

Maree McWilliam said: “It’s farming life, if you’re not a farmer you won’t understand, well done Mr Farmer.”

Val Ann Gale said: “Aww brilliant [to] see them getting to dry land.”

Mari Itoh said: “Well done to the farmer, they know their animals better than any of us. Bravo.”

Sheep are known to be intelligent animals as previous testing has shown that sheep can navigate a maze and also respond to clicker training like a dog.

Whilst sheep are able to swim when needed, it can be dangerous for them to do so due to the fact that their wool coats can become very heavy when wet, increasing the risk of drowning.