Big-hearted Tartan Army fans surprise Scots youngster with hospital visit in full Avengers get-up

BIG-HEARTED Scotland supporters transformed themselves into some of Marvel’s most well-known characters to pay a touching visit to a Scots youngster in hospital.

Chris Gibson and his pals all met after joining the North East Tartan Army to watch the home nation’s outings all over.

The 47-year-old and his fellow supporters have since come together to raise funds for several charities and joined up again last week to visit Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital.

The North East Tartan Army Avengers surprised a young Scotland fan celebrating his 12th birthday. Credit: NETA

The six men behind the masks visited young Jacob, who is currently in hospital, for his 12th birthday in an emotional surprise for the youngster.

Touching images show the group in character standing outside of the hospital’s front entrance striking their poses – complete with kilts on the bottom half of each costume.

On the far left of the picture, Duncan Whyte is dressed as Iron Man whilst Steven MacDonald and Nicky Thoris play Spider-Man and Thor, respectively.

Meanwhile, Curtis Stephens and Kev Lynch are clad in Captain America and Star-Lord get-up whilst Chris himself is on the end of the line, playing The Incredible Hulk.

A second picture shows the group posing for a birthday snap with Jacob as Star-Lord holds an Avengers birthday balloon.

Jacob’s feet are covered by an Avengers blanket whilst the men all smile around him as he celebrates his 12th birthday.

The Avengers have come complete with their trusty accessories as Thor holds Mjolnir for the pictures and Captain America poses with his shield.

The group shared the photos to social media last week with the caption: “Hey folks, the North East Tartan Army surprised a young lad, Jacob, up at Aberdeen Sick Kids Hospital today for his 12th birthday.

“He’s a big Avengers fan hence the costumes. Whilst we were there, we also found out he’s a big Scotland fan, just wondered if we could have a shout out for him and get some birthday wishes sent his way.”

The post received over 200 likes with dozens of comments from well-wishers who loved the kindness shown by the kind-hearted supporters.

One said: “Excellent guys, well done and a very happy Tartan Army birthday to Jacob.”

Another added: “Brilliant, well done.”

A third replied: “Absolutely love this, happy birthday Jacob.”

Another commented: “Happiest birthday Jacob, bet those Avengers were in awe of your strength.”

Speaking today, Chris Gibson said: “It all started last year, we were raising money for a girl’s grandad who we used to get the bus with, and we raised over £3,000.

“It escalated from there and [we] met a wee boy and we ended up doing his garden – then we spoke to his mum last week.

“We all decided we wanted to go [up to the hospital], and we had pictures and it’s amazing when you go in and see all the faces light up.

“It’s just a couple of hours of our day but the difference it makes to the children is great.

“We’ve also raised money for suicide prevention charities such as Man Chat, we did a sponsored 13-and-a-half-mile walk.

“My mates call me Wreck-It Ralph anyway, so it was quite easy for me to be Hulk and the rest of the boys had their costumes.

“Initially, we only had eight people in the North East Tartan Army and now we’re capped at 100 members with a waiting list.”