Brazen bloke spotted cycling around chilly central London – entirely nude

A BRAZEN bloke has been spotted cycling around central London in the chilly winter weather – whilst entirely nude.

The rider joined commuters on the roads by Claremont Square in Islington, Inner London yesterday where he appeared unfazed by onlookers and the temperatures.

The man, who appears to be in his 30s, has his full tackle on display as he waits at a red light, before turning off and heading away from the camera with his rear end equally on show.

The video, captured by a nearby onlooker from a bus, shows the unbothered bloke stopped at the red light on the adjacent junction.

The man is indeed completely nude, boasting only a helmet on his head whilst the rest of his body hangs loose in the winter breeze.

Shocked pedestrians watch on and murmur as the man behind the camera, seemingly in disbelief, slowly says: “My man got his d**k out, riding bikes.

“I ain’t never (sic) seen anything like that bro. No chill.”

The lights then turn green, and the nudist sets off, wobbling slightly as he pulls his bare feet onto the pedals and cycles into the middle of the box junction.

He indicates to turn right with his hand and gives a nonchalant wave to an unseen motorist who lets him go.

Carrying on down the road with his back to the camera, the man’s buttocks are thankfully covered by his saddle bags.

Several people on the bus can be heard giggling and laughing as the nude cyclist rides off, weaving inbetween traffic as he goes.

The footage was shared to social media yesterday with the caption: “Riding around in the middle of London.”

The clip has since received over 1,400 likes and over 50 comments from users left stunned by the cyclist’s bold actions.

One user joked: “What else is he supposed to do? He was running late for work and didn’t have time to dry off after his morning shower.

“He’s very efficient doesn’t waste time with unnecessary BS like towels.”

Another quipped: “Never seen a cyclist rocking two helmets before.”

A third said: “It’s literally a nightmare I frequently have. Like I am having a nice little ride and then realize I forgot my clothes.”

A fourth added: “It’s a pretty common cycling protest for safer roads and more cycle paths etc. The point is that people pay attention to cyclists if they’re naked.”