Brit claims to have been “blacklisted” by Evri for over 10 months – for seemingly no reason

A BRIT claims to have been “blacklisted” by courier company Evri for over 10 months – for no apparent reason.

Neene Price claims the “blacklisting” came after a misunderstanding with her local delivery driver, who allegedly refused for months to deliver a parcel dating back to last November.

Neene claims that she has been left baffled by the situation. (C) Neene Price.

The 67-year-old added claims that she has since discovered through a friend that she has been blacklisted by the company, with the courier refusing to deliver to her home.

Neene alleges that the company has even refused to deliver her parcels to her friend’s house, meaning that she is unable to make online orders through sites that use the popular delivery service.

Neene’s dilemma allegedly began when a parcel for her daughter, ordered from the USA last November, suddenly disappeared from the online tracking system.

Concerned that the parcel would not arrive in time for Christmas, Neene claims she contacted her local courier but was informed that the parcel was likely too big to be delivered and required special delivery.

However, by Christmas, Neene claims the parcel had still not arrived, leaving her to repeatedly contact the alleged driver over the course of the year – who she says left her messages unread.

She added that the parcel finally arrived months later but that she has now struggled to have any parcels delivered by Evri to her home address in Wales.

Neene’s friend eventually joined her in their bewildered search for reasons as to why she has been cut off, with her pal even messaging the alleged driver.

An image shows the alleged delivery driver messaging Neene’s friend, stating that Neene “knows why” she has been blacklisted.

The full message reads: “She knows exactly why she no longer receives a service through Evri and she is well aware that it has nothing to do with finding her property.

“It is very unfair of her to involve you and she should contact the company she has purchased from so that they can contact me to see screenshots of the reason why she personally does not receive parcels through Evri.”

Taking to social media on Sunday, Neene aired her complaint, writing: “I have absolute evidence that I have been blacklisted by Evri – they refuse to deliver anything to me.

“I even had a friend suggest me using her address – this I did, but unfortunately the company found this out and I am not getting deliveries there now.

“Has anyone else had this problem? Indeed, is this actually legal – interfering with personal mail?

“This has been happening since Christmas, with no reason being given. I have had no problems with any other delivery company at all.

“Any ideas on how I can progress?”

The post received dozens of likes and hundreds of comments as many were left divided by the bizarre situation.

One person wrote: “There’s no way they could find out you were having your parcel sent to an alternative address. Only time people will blacklist is due to continuous dispute or abuse.

“I had a driver say he wasn’t going to deliver to my home anymore but, considering he was trying to deliver parcels that weren’t for me and kicked off when I refused to, in his words ‘just deliver it to them for him’, customer service stopped deliveries getting blocked from my house.”

The message from the alleged driver.
Pictured: The message from the alleged driver. (C) Neene Price.

Another said: “A private company has the right to withdraw service (i.e. blacklist) anyone provided. The reason is not because of a protected characteristic, as outlined in the Equality Act 2010.

“They don’t have to provide a reason and they don’t have to provide you with an automatic right to appeal.

“You would only have grounds to take legal action against them if you have evidence that they withdrew service based on a protected characteristic.”

A third commented: “Divert to local parcel shop? Or a friend’s address.”

Another added: “You must have done something. They wouldn’t have just picked you randomly to ‘blacklist’.”

Speaking to Neene today, she said: “I thought something was going on, so I asked a friend if she would accept deliveries for me. My name was on the parcels.

“A couple got through until her delivery driver queried why it wasn’t her name on some of the parcels that he delivered to her and she told him my tale.

“My friend queried the blacklisting to my driver as [I] could contact her via Facebook.

“To be accused of using my friend ‘under false pretences,’ I feel, is a totally wrong accusation as my friend knew exactly what had occurred in the past and was trying to help me out.

“The point is that I am not a rude person. On the contrary. I cannot get out of my driver what I have apparently done.

“She will not even read the message I sent to her to ask and I have said that I will apologise if I have unwittingly caused offence.

“I have not received any deliveries since Christmas. I have had messages telling me that my business was closed so they couldn’t deliver. I live in a private house.

“I am saying that I think this started at Christmas as I had a delivery expected from The States and was told that they were having to use another driver as the parcel was too big with their usual driver.

“It was an A4 personalised portfolio. The sender had a great deal of trouble sending a replacement to me and had to use good old Royal Mail.

“So, he’d lost £70 as it had been a personalised leather portfolio and therefore could not be sold on to anyone else. I have not been able to get through to Evri as of yet.

“I have a phone number that I will try later. It appears that a driver can blacklist you, not give a reason, indeed not even inform you that you indeed have been blacklisted.

“I feel that is totally unfair on not only the receiver but the sender of the goods. I had a lady via eBay who was concerned that she had done something wrong as my parcel had been returned to her.

“I cannot see how a company can refuse to deliver post to a recipient with no explanations being given.

“I appreciate that they work for peanuts but that should be between them and their employers and the customer should not be made to suffer the consequences of shoddy management.

“I am extremely displeased with Evri’s service – especially the way they treat their receivers. We are not their customers, per se.

“We do not have a contract with them – the sellers do – so it appears that we can do nothing about the shoddy service they offer.

“Until the sellers stop going for the cheapest delivery company, I can see no improvement happening. I am not alone.”

An Evri spokesperson said: “The wellbeing of our couriers is really important to us and we have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to unkind behaviour towards our people.

“The courier has delivered for us for over 12 years with zero complaints and has an average rating of 4.8 out of 5.

“We are working with the customer to find an alternative solution.”