Brit claims to have found “creepy” webcam hidden in Airbnb “infested with flies”

A BRIT claims to have found a “creepy” webcam tucked away in his Airbnb apartment that was “infested with flies”.

Ian Timbrell had been renting an Airbnb in Aberystwyth, Wales last week, when he allegedly discovered a webcam wedged in the top of the sofa in the property’s living room.

Ian, from Cardiff, claimed that he drew the line after finding the camera, given that the apartment was also home to hundreds of flies, forcing him into a last-minute hunt for new accommodation.

An image shows Ian looking concerned as he sits on a brown leather sofa pointing to the centre of the furniture, which appears to have a small black and white camera perched between the two cushions of the couch.

Footage then shows deputy headteacher Ian walking around the apartment nervously as he says: “So, after finding the creepy webcam-“

He points to the sofa sat by the window in which, wedged between two cushioned parts of the sofa, sits the small black camera which appears to overlook the entire living room.

He continues: “It’s now been infested with flies. I’ve done fly spray.”

He walks through to the kitchen as the camera pans to dozens of dead flies on the floor as Ian says: “Look at them all on the floor. There are absolutely hundreds of flies in this house.”

Ian Timbrell. Credit to @ITimbrell from Twitter.
Pictured: Ian pointing at the camera. Credit to @ITimbrell from Twitter.

The camera zooms in on Ian as he emphasises: “This house is disgusting. So, eight o’clock at night and I’m going to have to somehow find somewhere else to say.”

Ian grimaces as he says to the camera: “In a town I don’t know.”

“Great. The joys. If anyone knows a nice hotel in Aberystwyth, please let me know.”

The post received over 5,300 likes and hundreds of comments as many were left disgusted by the property’s contents.

One person wrote: “Is there a dead body in the roof?”

Another said: “It’s more common than it used to be. I think Airbnb needs to ban [surveillance cameras] and soon. It’s definitely weird.”

A third commented: “Did they tell you it was there? If not, it’s an invasion of privacy and you should report them to Airbnb and demand a full refund.”

Another added: “That’s grim. You never know how many there might be. I’d be out of there.”

A fifth wrote: “Ew. Safer in a hotel, for sure.”

In an update on Friday, Ian wrote: “Very glad to be home after absolutely manic but amazing week working with schools and charities improving LGBT+ inclusion.”

“What a week.”

A spokesperson for Airbnb today said: “The presence and location of the device was disclosed in the listing description before booking.

“However, we appreciate that our guest did not have a positive experience.

“While the guest did not contact us about this, we have proactively reached out to offer support and the host has fully refunded them.

“We enforce strict rules on recording devices and take action on rare issues brought to our attention.”