Brit man in bizarre vow to run to every Chinese restaurant in the UK

A BRIT has vowed to run to every Chinese in the UK in a bizarre bid to eat good food and stay fit at the same time.

Josh Durant has decided to embark on a mission to visit every one of the 7,021 Chinese restaurants up and down the country and began his journey in his hometown of Birmingham, West Midlands last Tuesday.

The 20-year-old was inspired after craving a Chinese, but opting to run to the restaurant to get his steps in and burn some of the calories he would be taking in from the meal.

Josh began his colossal feat with a video showing his first day of running, which begins with him tying his shoelaces outside his house, clad in his running gear.

He explains: “This is day one of running to every Chinese (restaurant). There are currently 7,021 Chineses, bosh.”

The video then cuts to Josh jogging along whilst giving the thumbs up to the camera as he comments: “So this is me currently running to the first Chinese on the list.”

Following running alongside a motorway enroute to his very first destination, Josh then poses in front of his local restaurant as he says: “I made it to the first one, now let’s cut to the second one.”

The video then shows Josh running along a quiet road whilst the sun is going down as he narrates: “I’m currently on my way to the second Chinese for a total of 5.5km round.

“I finally made it to the second Chinese, bosh.”

Josh Durant. Credits: Instagram.

The video has been documenting his journey every day since with one video – day three – receiving over 64,000 likes and hundreds of comments from users avidly tracking his progress.

One user commented: “The fact this series is going to take him to my street is wild.”

Another wrote: “So you’re running to Scotland?”

A third said: “Not me thinking you were going to try them all.”

Another replied: “If big John hasn’t invited you over for a Chinese after you’ve finished this challenge, I’ll be shocked.”

Speaking today, Josh said: “So, a couple weeks ago I was really hungry, and I didn’t know what to have for dinner. I was racking my brain for different meals and really wanted a Chinese.

“I thought I may as well run to the Chinese to get some steps in, and some calories burnt. I ordered my Chinese and ate it all, and then I decided it would be cool to run to all of them.

“I have recently got into running and wanted to add something exciting to my runs. Visiting all the Chineses and posting it on TikTok allows me to bring people along with me on my journey.

“Currently I am running to Chineses that are local to myself, friends and family.

“This will get the main ones ticked off the list and I am hoping to travel to different cities/towns as I get better at running longer distances.

“I am going to try and complete as many as possible by running, however there are certain limitations.

“My plan is that the ones that are hundreds of miles away I will take a weekend away and visit Manchester, for example, by car and then run around the whole of Manchester and drive back home when the weekend ends.

“I’ve managed to get 18 Chineses ticked of the list within five days. The videos have been going great and a lot of people are enjoying them. It is definitely going to take a while, but I can’t wait to keep at it!

“I started the challenge last Tuesday; I think it will take me around two to three years to complete.”