Brit shares terrifying experience as man allegedly stalks her during travels through Belgian capital

A BRIT has shared her terrifying experience of a man allegedly following her through the streets of Brussels during her travels.

Travel vlogger Ndamu was spending her first night in the Belgian capital on Monday by meeting up with a friend and having some drinks.

However, the solo travelling Brit and her pal were soon left terrified when, on their way home, they noticed a man in a black coat and trousers allegedly beginning to follow them.

Despite hopping on and off Metro trains, the pair claim that the man followed their every move, with the duo only managing to eventually get away after hunting down an awkwardly parked Uber.

Terrifying footage filmed by Ndamu shows her looking scared at the camera as she waits at a bus station.

The camera pans across her right shoulder, revealing a shadowed figure wearing a hooded jumper that covers his face.

The man looms just behind Ndamu and her pal as they wait at the otherwise empty bus station, with on-screen text reading: “POV: It’s your first night in Europe and a man in a dark hood is following you.”

The camera then cuts to the beginning of the situation, as she sits on a train to meet up with her friend.

The camera shows Ndamu travelling down an escalator as she narrates: “Now guys, when I say, ‘stay safe on these streets,’ stay safe.

The video shows Ndamu and her friend sitting on seats inside their first train as Ndamu continues: “We were probably moments away from getting kidnapped, trafficked, killed, you name it.

“Let me tell you what happened.”

The camera then shows Ndamu walking behind her friend as they travel along an empty street late at night.

Ndamu explains: “So, it was my first night in Brussels and I decided to meet up with my friend for drinks and then after drinks, we decided to go out to a club.”

The camera cuts to a train with opened doors as Ndamu continues: “We took the Metro there because it’s super easy and convenient and my friend takes it all the time.”

The camera then pans on Ndamu’s face to show a man dressed in a black coat, black trousers and carrying a Sports Direct shopping bag.

Pictured: Solo-traveller Ndamu. (C) Ndamu

She says: “We realised we missed our stop, so we got off the train to switch to the other platform, but we noticed this man that was walking conveniently behind us.”

The man can be seen acting casually as he looks at his phone while keeping a few paces behind the two women.

Ndamu can be seen nervously looking off-camera as she voices over: “He switched platform and got on the train going backwards with us and that’s when we knew he was definitely following us.

“When we got off the train, he gets off. When we get on…”

The camera then cuts to Ndamu and her friend ascending on the escalator, with the man appearing to be following just nine steps below them and apparently getting closer to the women.

She narrates: “We got on and off the train multiple times just to make sure, and he followed us each time.”

The camera then cuts to Ndamu appearing terrified as tears well in her eyes and she attempts to evade the man.

She continues narrating: “So, we decided to come off at a train station and call for help and, of course, he followed us.”

She anxiously covers her mouth as she can be heard narrating: “By this point, I’m actually kind of scared. There’s no staff to go to for help at the train station because it’s nighttime.

“So, my friend starts calling people to come pick us up but no one’s answering because it’s the middle of the night.

“Every time we start to make any kind of movement to leave the train station, he follows us and I’m getting really scared at this moment.”

She pans the camera around to show that they are past the barriers to leave the station – and so is the alleged stalker.

Ndamu then explains that her friend has called an Uber to come and pick them up but that at this point she began worrying what potentially dangerous items the man could have had in his bag.

The camera then shows the man leaving the station after the girls as Ndamu shares that she and her friend had to calculate every move.

The camera then shows the man just across a pedestrian crossing as Ndamu says: “But we get outside and the Uber’s nowhere to be seen.”

The pair can be seen waiting at a lone bus station as the man appears to also be lingering around nearby.

The alleged stalker.
Pictured: The alleged stalker. (C) Ndamu.

However, the camera then cuts to the Uber having finally arrived as the relieved women jump into the car and it drives off.

Ndamu concludes: “I’ve never been so excited to see an Uber in my life. I really thought I was about to get taken.”

She warns while in the car: “Be safe out here. There’s crazy people. That was actually scary, what was he planning?”

Ndamu took to social media on Monday to share the footage, writing: “As someone who solo travels a lot, I’m always very vigilant.

“I honestly thought the man would stop following us when I started recording him, but he was so confident.

“We called an Uber instead of continuing our journey on public transport and made sure to stay in areas where there were other people the entire time. Stay safe, guys.”

The video received over 92,500 likes and more than 1,450 comments as many users were left shocked by the terrifying footage.

One person wrote: “He wasn’t alone, sis. There was another man. Thank God you’re safe.”

Another said: “Defense attorneys I have worked with say that calling out the behaviour loudly such as, ‘Why are you following me?’ can save your life. So glad you’re okay.”

A third commented: “I’ve just come back from Brussels yesterday. Me and my friend were followed, verbally harassed. Never visiting again. So unsafe.”

Another warned: “Make sure you check everything for an [Apple] Air Tag. I’ve heard that’s a new thing, just to be on the safe side.”