Brit shares warning amid claims that her Aldi sanitary towels were “tampered” with – after finding product sodden with “dark brown” stain

A BRIT has shared a warning upon allegedly discovering that the sanitary towels she bought from Aldi had been “tampered” with – after finding the product sodden with a “dark brown” stain.

Charley Maisie made the monthly purchase but upon inspecting the box, allegedly discovered that it had already been opened.

The 22-year-old shared how she had opened one of the towels to discover a stain covering the wing – and after turning it over, finding it soaked with an unknown substance, posing a serious health risk.

Footage shows Charley looking concernedly into the camera as she begins: “Girls in the UK. If you shop at Aldi, please listen to this story because your life might just change.”

She begins to apply make-up as she relays: “I was doing my weekly shop and on my list was to buy some sanitary towels because the time of month was coming up.”

“I opened the packet and I’m like, ‘Hang on a minute. There’s something wrong there.

“On this sanitary towel was what I can only describe as a dark brown, questionable looking mark and I was like, ‘Nah. This is not normal’.

“I turn it around and the back of this sanitary towel is sodden.”

She sums up: “Long story-short, the packet of sanitary towels that I bought from Aldi had been f*g tampered with.

“Either way, it was f*****g unsanitary, it was a potential biohazard. Thank God I checked. Even if it wasn’t blood, even if it’s dirt, that is not good for your feminine hygiene. That is so risky to your health.

“I’m just so lucky that I was like, on it, and noticing these things before using it.”

She then explains that for many women, cheaper brands may be all that they can afford.

Charley Maisie.
Pictured: Charley Maisie. Credit to @charleymaisie from TikTok.

She says: “For a lot of people shopping at Aldi, they’re probably on a tight budget and probably can’t afford the branded products or to go out and buy a second packet.

“Even if you don’t shop at Aldi, even if you shop at Waitrose, quality checks are clearly not up to scratch. Just stay safe.”

Charley shared the clip to social media on Tuesday with the caption: “Stay safe out there girls.”

The post received over43,400 likes and more than 340 comments from many shocked women who shared their similar experiences.

One person wrote: “You need to report this to the police and give them the towel to test if you still have it. Last year, a man was arrested because he was injecting meat.”

Another said: “Uh, please tell me you went back to Aldi and spoke to a manager? That’s how you actually make a real impact, so they can launch an investigation.”

A third commented: “This has happened to me. Brown mark on the sanitary towel and it’s happened quite a few times. Brand: Always.”

A fourth added: “What if you were half-awake changing in the dark, so you don’t wake up too much? I know I’ve done that.”

A spokesperson for Aldi today said: “Our supplier has robust quality checks in place for this product, as well as a strict hygiene policy.

“We believe this issue is as a result of damage to the product packaging and we have not received any other complaints of this nature.

“We apologise to Charley that this product did not meet our usual high standards.”