Brits left in stitches after spotting “brazen” burger van with cheeky jibe at Five Guys restaurant next door

BRITS have been left in stitches after spotting a “brazen” burger van that has branded itself with a cheeky jibe at the Five Guys restaurant next door.

The popular US fast food chain opened a location on Newport Road in Cardiff last year prompting a response from a local business owner.

Deciding to make a mockery of the corporation, Mehmet Cecen elected to open a fast-food van in the nearby car park with the name Two Guys.

Brits have been left in stitches after spotting a “brazen” burger van that has branded itself with a jibe at Five Guys.

Complete with the signature red and white design seen in Five Guys branding and restaurants, Mehmet’s bold business faces stiff competition from other nearby giants like McDonald’s and Burger King.

An image shows the red van clearly parked up just a stone’s throw away from the nearby Five Guys, whose sign is visible in the background of the image.

The van’s branding reads “Two Guys – burgers and fries” and boasts a strikingly similar menu to the restaurant chain, featuring several familiar burger and hot dog options.

Mehmet, 30, previously spoke to The Sun about his cheeky business name, saying: “I’ve had a burger van here for years but then I saw that a Five Guys was going to open opposite and thought I needed to do something.

“I’m already out here competing with the big boys.”

The snap was shared to social media yesterday with the caption: “Love how brazen this is. Hope the corporate guys are amused by this rather than annoyed.”

The post has since received over 3,300 likes and more than 220 comments from users left chuckling at Mehmet’s cheeky business name.

One user joked: “Are they 2/5 the price?”

Another added: “The van was there before the Five Guys. Seems like he rebranded to have a pop at them when they opened opposite.

“Looks like they had a number of different vans and quite a nice little business. Socials have gone quiet, and the domain is down now though.”

However, a third replied: “I know the guy who runs it, it’s still running. He’s an absolute legend, lovely family who came from Turkey.”

Another commented: “Probably better burgers for less money too.”

A fifth wrote: “We had a place in my city called Five Ladz and they were forced to change their name. So I’m going to guess this guy’s days are numbered.”