Chill out: Scots neighbours left feeling frosty after disagreement over age-old childhood winter tradition

SCOTS neighbours have been left with an icy tension between them after a disagreement over a cheeky childhood winter tradition.

Robynn Grant aired her grievances earlier this week after finding that a child had scrawled their name on the layer of frost on her car.

However, locals were quick to lament the incident as children messing about and that the harmless message was “not the end of the world”.

A frosted windshield with the name Sienna
The owner of the car was unhappy with the vandalism.

Others disagreed though, siding with Robynn and stating that it was out of order, with the principle of vandalism being at the core of the car owner’s annoyance.

An image shows Robynn’s burgundy motor sitting in a parking space in Livingston, West Lothian.

The rear windshield has been frosted over thanks to the plummeting temperatures experienced across Scotland this week.

On the left of the picture someone has scrawled with a finger to make a small indent in the frosty surface.

Just above the scribbles, a name has been drawn faintly into the icy message board, simply reading: “Sienna.”

Robynn found the cheeky graffiti earlier this week and took to social media to lambast the would-be Banksy for their efforts.

The West Lothian local wrote: “If anyone in Everard Rise has a Sienna if I could politely ask you to keep your hands of (sic) peoples (sic) cars, thank you.”

Her post received dozens of likes with comments from locals who were quick to offer their thoughts on the frosty post.

One said: “It’s a scribble on ice, not the end of the world.”

Another joked: “I wonder if it was Banksy?”

A third replied: “Tell me you didn’t do this as a kid? Kids are hilarious but in (sic) a serious note vandalism is a crime, so maybe you should report it to the police.”

Another commented: “Bloody hell, imagine kids being kids, parents really need to sort this out before you know it, they will be out of control and actually having fun.”

Drawing on a frosted car windshield can cause small cracks which if left untreated can require a whole new windshield to be fitted, according to Autoglass.