Darts pundit Wayne Mardle slams Celtic and Rangers, labels Scottish football as “sub-standard amateur p**h”

DARTS pundit Wayne Mardle has stunned Scots footy fans after slamming Celtic and Rangers and labelling Scottish football as “sub-standard amateur p**h”.

Mardle, who provides commentary for Sky Sports during their darts coverage, was answering questions from fans online in the early hours of this morning when he was posed an age-old question.

The 50-year-old was asked by one fan who he preffered between Celtic and Rangers, and didn’t hold back, brutally slamming the Scottish Professional Football League (SPFL).

Wayne Mardle enjoying a cigar and glass of champagne
Wayne Mardle was less than complimentary with his views on Scottish football labelling the product ‘p**h’. Credit: X

The former darts player – nicknamed Hawaii 501 – followed up his answer with a second putdown of Scotland’s interpretation of the beautiful game, claiming the SPFL “will forever be s**t”.

Mardle, from Dagenham, East London, quoted the fan’s question which simply asked: “Celtic or Rangers Wayne?”

Mardle – who failed to win any major titles during his career – replied: “I’ve absolutely no interest in sub-standard amateur football. It’s absolute p**h.”

One commenter attempted to put Mardle’s comments into perspective, claiming: “To be fair it’s more the league we play in that’s the problem, certainly in the case of Celtic.

“If we played in the Premier League, within a few years – if we spent the right money – we would be a top ten team who would be pushing for top six.”

Mardle returned with an X-rated rant though, rubbishing this claim as he replied: “I literally couldn’t care less. You don’t have to explain why the league is so s**t.

“It’s always been s**t and will forever be s**t. It’s s**t. Get over how s**t it really is.”

His answer received over 380 likes with dozens of comments from all sides of the Scottish football spectrum who weren’t shy in letting Mardle know what they thought of his career.

Wayne Mardle's tweet
Wayne Mardle was quick to offer his view on Scottish football via his account on social media. Credit: X

One said: “Mardle on the lash again.”

Another added: “A bit like your darts career, Wayne.”

A third replied: “Wayne, careful, I like you but you’re on thin ice here.”

Another commented: “Same reason I’ve never watched you play darts then.”

A fifth brutally replied: “Hope you get sacked in the morning you disgraceful drunkard.”

It remains to be seen what repercussions, if any, Mardle will face although the incident will prove embarrassing for broadcaster Sky Sports, considering they are the home of Scottish football.