Disgraced GB News presenter “hits rock bottom” after being spotted punting £32-a-go personalised videos online

DISGRACED GB News presenter Calvin Robinson has been spotted punting personalised video messages to fans at £32 each, almost two months on from his sacking.

Robinson was fired from GB News in October after speaking out in favour of fellow host Laurence Fox who had, at the time, been suspended for misogynistic comments made about a female journalist.

However, some have said that Robinson’s career has now “hit rock bottom” after the cleric was found charging £32 for personalised video messages to fans.

DISGRACED GB News presenter Calvin Robinson has been spotted punting personalised video messages

The 38-year-old has signed up to Cameo – a site allowing fans to pay for messages from their favourite celebs – where he currently boasts a five-star rating for his videos that average around a minute in length.

One video previously composed for a punter sees Robinson, from Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, warn the man – named Roberto – to avoid “turning woke and dating ladyboys”.

Robinson’s business venture was spotted by a user who shared a screenshot of his Cameo account last night with the caption: “Scrolling through Cameo to see who’s hit rock bottom of their careers and look who it is.

“The worst thing about this is the 11 five-star reviews.”

The post has since racked up over 690 likes and dozens of comments from users mocking Robinson’s videos.

One user wrote: “Surely this is the peak of his “career”?”

Another added: “Going to get this as a gift for someone I hate.”

A third jokingly said: “A personalised communion for 30 quid.”

A fourth commented: “The vicar of Disney.”

Robinson worked for talkRADIO and as a presenter on GB News from late 2022, until he was suspended from the latter on 29 September this year after speaking out in favour of Laurence Fox.

Robinson’s subsequent dismissal from GB News was announced on 4 October alongside the sacking of compatriot Fox.

Cameo, meanwhile, allows fans to send some basic information to celebrities, who then use that to send personalized video messages to fans’ friends, loved ones, or to the fans themselves.

By May 2020, more than 30,000 celebrities had signed up to the platform, whose staff surged to 400 employees at the peak of its popularity during the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, by July 2023 staff numbers had fallen to 33 people, with Cameo’s own investors estimating that the company’s valuation had fallen to around £40m by 2023.