Family in fundraiser plea after being left destitute by horror blaze that destroyed home and tragically killed three dogs

A FAMILY have launched a fundraiser appeal after being left homeless by a horror fire that destroyed their house and tragically claimed the lives of their three dogs.

Julie and David Neade had been out shopping with their granddaughters on Friday, when a fire suddenly broke out in their home in Redditch, Worcestershire.

Despite the family being out of town when the fire started, a group of heroic locals attempted to put out the flames, with neighbour Dan Wright, 36, bravely trying to save the family pets.

Tragically however, the dogs did not survive the fire and Julie, 59, and David, 57, and their three young granddaughters that live with them, have now been left homeless.

Terrifying footage captured by Dan shows the neighbourhood in Redditch surrounded by concerned neighbours as a voiceover says : “House fire. Three dogs didn’t make it.”

They appear to be discussing what to do as a room on the upstairs landing can be seen almost completely blackened by flames that lick out of the window.

Huge black clouds of smoke can then be seen billowing out as one resident appears to be hyperventilating as a result of the terrifying situation.

Another neighbour can be heard exclaiming “f***ing hell” as neighbours try to keep everyone away from the spreading fire, with some dressed only in their pyjamas as they try to de-escalate the situation.

A fire engine can be heard in the background as Dan says to a querying resident: “That is f***ing crazy, that is f***ing nuts. I don’t know. I was in the back, trying to support them. Literally.”

One man then asks: “Is everybody out?”

Dan then replies: “No I tried in the back, I was there for ages. It was in the back, in the kitchen. I smashed the f***ing window straight away with this heavy weight.

“I smashed it straight away, had the hose in there, trying to calm it down. I had no idea about all of this at the front, though.”

The burnt interior.
Pictured: The damaged interior. (C) Ashley Neade.

A firefighter approaches Dan, as the latter tries to inform him that he thinks there may still be people or animals still trapped inside.

Meanwhile, the fire can be seen breaking out of the house, as one firefighter blasts the hose through the smashed window.

Dan is then asked to step away from the scene as he concludes: “F***ing hell, I’m shaking.”

Dan took to social media yesterday to share the tragic video, writing: “Such a sad moment.

“I tried my hardest to get the dogs, sprayed the the hose in the kitchen but [it] was too hot and black smoke [sic].

“They have a GoFundMe page to help support them. Absolutely tragic story. My heart goes out to everyone involved that day.”

Speaking to Dan today, he said: “I live in another close. I was helping an old lady with her shopping when I heard someone on the phone asking for the fire department. I then ran straight there.

“There were so many people screaming and I was just focused on trying to see where the dogs’ screams were coming from.

“I just didn’t know what to do. A lot of people were concerned that there were people in there but that wasn’t the case, thankfully.

“I tried to kick the fence down [but] after I couldn’t get that down I jumped over the fence. I found the first thing I could see that was heavy. It ended up being a weight lifting item – a 10 kg one.

Julie Neade with one of the family's dogs.
Pictured: Julie Neade with one of the family’s dogs. (C) Ashley Neade.

“I then threw that straight through the back window and then put the hose on and was fighting the kitchen fire at the bottom. I tried to smash another window to let some air into that one.

“I could hear the dogs crying. I was just trying to get in there but it was too hot and I couldn’t see anything because of all the smoke, so people then dragged me away because I didn’t want to leave.

“Once the fire service came, I explained everything to the people in charge and left but came back to tell the police everything that involved me.

“I just wanted to help.”

A GoFundMe has since been set up by Julie and David’s son Ashley, 29, in order to help his parents get back on their feet.

He wrote in the fundraiser description: “A family of five sadly lost their home to a house fire. Their three family dogs have sadly passed away.

“The family was out and came home distraught to the house up in flames. They have a disabled man that is extremely ill and everything that he needs has been burnt.

“They are heartbroken to have lost everything but so relieved that they still have their lives.

“Any donations of clothes, school uniform, house essentials would be very grateful but they are still waiting for temporary accommodation, anything will help them so much, the three girls are 10,12 and 17.

“Thank you so much for any donations.”

The other family dogs.
The family have been left devastated after their three dogs tragically did not survive the fire. (C) Ashley Neade.

Speaking to Julie and David’s son Ashley today, he said: “It’s very massive. They’ve got nothing left.

“They’ve lost three dogs, everything in the house, all the years they’ve acquired.

“My sister passed away 10 years ago and they’ve lost the last thing that she was wearing.”

However, he added that the community have banded together to help the family, helping to provide amenities, clothes and many more basic needs.

Many were quick to share their support for the family, with the GoFundMe having now raised £425 with a further £500 being raised from a separate fundraiser.

A fire brigade spokesperson today said: “Two Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue Service crews – one each from Redditch and Bromsgrove Fire Stations – plus a Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service crew from Alcester were called at 16:31 on 7 October to a house fire in Deans Close, Redditch.

“The fire in a two-storey building was fully developed and fought using two hosereel jets by eight firefighters wearing breathing apparatus.

“A thorough search of the property was carried out and all persons were accounted for, although the bodies of three dogs were recovered.”

If you wish to donate, please visit this link: