Gladiators star left reeling after joining Scots strongman brothers to try monster 10,000 calorie diet for a day

SCOTS weightlifting brothers Tom and Luke Stoltman proved more than a match for a real-life Gladiator when he tried to join them for a 10,000-calorie day of non-stop scoffing.

World’s Strongest Man champion Tom and his older brother hosted Legend from the BBC show, real name Matt Morsia, who admitted that he felt his stomach “might split” from the gorging.

The trio filmed their exploits over a day of feasting which began with Luke promising Matt that it would be “just a normal day” for them.

However, the Gladiator favourite is left consuming over 10,000 calories across the course of the day, including trying to finish an entire cheesecake by himself.

The video begins as Matt stands outside Sheila’s Cafe in Craven Terrace, West London with the two brothers as he confesses: “I’m not going to lie, I’m quite scared.”

Luke reassures him, saying: “I mean it’s just a normal day for us. We’re not going to do anything too extravagant.”

However, this claim is quickly debunked as the clip cuts to inside the cafe, where Luke begins rattling off his order, saying: “One breakfast, can we get an extra four eggs with it please, so six in total.

“A samosa as well with that breakfast, toast and jam, toast and peanut butter please.”

The behemoth of a breakfast stacks up to 3,289 calories – already more than the recommended daily amount for an adult.

Matt looks disheartened as the order begins arriving at the table, quickly noticing how large the portions are.

As he gets ready to begin conquering the mountain of food, Matt asks: “This is a normal breakfast?”

As the two brothers fly through their meals, Matt speaks to the camera admitting his struggle: “I feel like I’ve eaten loads of this but it’s just not going down, the egg is just never ending.”

Gladiators star Legend struggled to put away the 10,000 calories. Credit: MattDoesFitness

After polishing off their home-cooked full English, a more processed lunch is on the menu as the group stop off at McDonald’s.

Two-time World’s Strongest Man Tom steps forward this time to take charge of the order, saying: “Three McCrispy’s, three McFlurry’s, three wraps of the day, three milkshakes – strawberries, the strongman diet.”

This huge haul of McDonald’s totals a further 2,886 calories which for most people would equate to about a day and a half of eating.

Video shows Matt trying his best to keep up as the trio batter through mountains of crispy chicken whilst also pouring a glut of dairy down his throat.

When Matt ventures outside and into the daylight he’s left clutching his stomach, proclaiming: “My stomach is going to split or I’m going to throw up.”

Seemingly content with ending his challenge there, Matt announces that Tom and Luke have to leave at this stage.

However, Luke leaves only once announcing: “You’ve still got to eat our dinner.”

Matt immediately begins trying to strike a plea deal to get out of another feast of food, claiming: “No because you’re going [it] doesn’t count.”

However, proud Scotsman Luke adds: “Yeah, we’re going but you’re not going anywhere.”

This leaves Matt to tuck into a large pizza at London’s Pizza Pilgrims where he half-heartedly struggles through the Italian cuisine.

After polishing off the pizza, Matt then brings out a full vanilla cheesecake which he has brought to the restaurant with him, ending his dessert and pizza with another 4,335 calories consumed.

The entire day of eating consisted of an eye-watering 10,510 calories which is the equivalent of five days’ worth of food to other adults.

Matt shared the video to social media earlier this month with the caption: “Just a normal day for us – not going to do anything extravagant.”

The clip received over 29,000 likes with more than 130 comments from fans who were stunned at what he had managed to put away.

One said: “Fair play to Matt, I mean Matt is a big fella just shows you the difference in the Strongmen.”

Another added: “I’m full just watching this, this is so mad but a great watch.”

A third replied: “The burgers look party size in your hands.”

Matt, also known as Legend, is one of the meanest Gladiators on the revamped BBC show, who enjoys talking down to his opponents on the microphone.