Good Samaritan left guilt-ridden after sending would-be concertgoer to phone shop instead of O2 Arena

A GOOD Samaritan was left guilt-ridden after trying to direct a man to a concert at the O2 Arena – but accidentally sending him to a phone shop instead.

Yasmine Evans was in Greenwich, South-East London on Saturday when she noticed a man looking lost so offered to help.

The stranger revealed that he was looking for the O2 Arena to attend American rapper 50 Cent’s gig, so eager to help, Yasmine checked a map and directed him to what she thought was the correct bus.

However, the Londoner soon made the horrifying realisation that she had just send the would-be concertgoer to an O2 phone shop by mistake.

Video shows Yasmine sitting in her bedroom filming herself recalling the encounter as she asks: “Do you want to know something that’s kept me awake for the last three nights?

“I’m going to tell you because I can’t stop thinking about it, so Saturday night I get back from the DLR (Docklands Light Railway).

“I’m in Greenwich, I see a man, he looks lost, and I love doing charity work, so I think let me help you, my guy.

“I say ‘Good sir, are you okay?’ He says, ‘Do you know how to get to the O2?’ I said, ‘You’re in the wrong Greenwich, this is just normal Greenwich, you need to go to North Greenwich.”

Yasmine then tells how the man was left stranded as his phone had died leaving him unable to access maps on his phone.

However, the kind-hearted woman still tries her best and offers the use of her Citymapper account to aid the stricken man.

Yasmine reveals that the duo had plotted the perfect route for him to make the concert, saying: “I tell him where to go, he is eternally grateful, I say [the bus] comes in one minute though.

“The bus, the 199, the bus stops just down there, you’re going to have to run, I watch this man sprint down the road. He gets on the bus; I wave him goodbye.”

Yasmine Evans
Yasmine was left feeling guilty after she realised her mistake. Credit: Yasmine Evans

However, disaster strikes as Yasmine began closing her tabs on her phone and noticed the O2 looking further away than she remembered.

She comes to a horrendous realisation after clocking her error and confesses: “I look at my city map and I think that kind of looks far away.

“It doesn’t look like the direction of the O2, it then dawns on me I’ve sent this man to the O2 phone shop in Lewisham – I feel so bad, and I just want to say if this man sees this video I am so, so sorry.

“I watched him get on the bus, I watched him head in the direction of the O2 shop in Lewisham, the man said 50 Cent, I thought he said I need 50 gigabytes of data.”

Yasmine shared the video to social media yesterday with the simple caption: “London.”

The video received over 3,600 likes and more than 130 comments from social media users who were quick to add their thoughts to the mix up.

One said: “This is funnier cause I used to live in Greenwich and can visualise exactly everywhere you are talking about – what a rollercoaster.”

Another added: “As you were telling this, I was like hang on that bus does not go to the O2.”

A third replied: “This is why I don’t give directions anymore.”

Another commented: “Oops, probably something I would have done.”

Whether the unfortunate stranger made it to the concert or not is unknown, but 50 Cent will return to London’s O2 Arena later this month as part of his The Final Lap Tour.