Gordon Ramsay shunned by Scots after sharing controversial “full Scottish” burger at his Edinburgh restaurant

SCOTS have shunned Gordon Ramsay with comments telling him to “grow up” and “get in the sea” after the celebrity chef shared a “full Scottish” burger available at his flagship Edinburgh restaurant.

The chef from Johnstone, Renfrewshire was panned after sharing a short clip of the burger being prepared last week, inviting fans to come and try the seemingly Scottish-themed scran.

However, many Scots have taken issue with the fact that the £18 burger contains lettuce and tomatoes and lacks key elements of a traditional full Scottish breakfast including haggis and black pudding.

Gordon Ramsay's burger
Gordon Ramsay has been panned by fellow Scots after he launched his full Scottish burger without some key ingredients.

A short video shows the burger being constructed at the Gordon Ramsay Street Burger restaurant in Edinburgh’s St James Quarter.

The clip begins as the brioche bun is placed atop the finished article before the camera changes to a single slice of Lorne sausage being cooked and sprinkled with salt.

A spatula flips the juicy meat before an egg is cracked and placed into an egg ring.

As the food cooks, a metal tray is lined with Gordon Ramsay Street Burger paper and a brioche bun is placed on the sheet before a slice of lettuce and fresh tomato is added.

A hollowed-out hash brown is placed below the perfectly cooked sausage, which is then topped with the fried egg.

Ramsay, 57, shared the clip to social media last Wednesday with the caption: “Try the full Scottish at Gordon Ramsay Street Burger Edinburgh – with Lorne sausage, a hash brown and an over easy egg.”

Ramsay’s post received over 1,100 likes but more than 700 comments from Scots quick to slam the chef both for what was in the burger and his pricing structure.

Jack Meadows said: “Brioche bun and a f***ing hash brown? Bin.”

Gavin Brewis said: “Full Scottish with no tattie scone, haggis or black pudding and with a hash brown which is not actually full Scottish content. Grow up.”

Matt Geok said: “Over easy [egg]? We’re not American.”

Anti Bingo said: “18 quid for a sausage and egg doubler, no Scottish person would put salad on a breakfast roll, get in the sea Gordo.”

Gordon Ramsay currently owns and operates over 58 restaurants across a variety of names including eateries in the United States, France, Dubai, Singapore and the United Kingdom.