Heartwarming moment Celtic players pay visit to sick kids in Glasgow hospital for rendition of Jingle Bells

A HEARTWARMING video captures the moment that Celtic players paid a visit to sick kids in a Glasgow hospital for a rendition of Jingle Bells.

A band of players from the Hoops visited the Royal Hospital for Children last week to spread some festive cheer to the poorly youngsters in support of the Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity.

Decked out in Celtic-themed Christmas gear, the troupe consisted of star players Kyogo Furuhashi, Alistair Johnston, Paulo Bernardo, Stephen Welsh and Luis Palma.

Video shows the group of players huddled around the bedside of newborn baby Rocco, who is resident at the Royal Hospital for Children.

The players sport green Celtic foundation t-shirts, and green Celtic Santa hats as they line up around the bed, with Canadian Alistair Johnston seemingly acting as lead vocalist.

The players can be heard softly singing Jingle Bells to the tiny two-week-old with grins on their faces as they eye up the camera.

Rocco sleeps peacefully alongside a soft toy of Celtic mascot Hoopy, blissfully unaware of the kind-hearted Bhoys by his side as the players offer smiles, chuckles and pats on the back to each other.

The video was shared to social media by the Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity yesterday with the caption: “Celtic players gently sing Jingle Bells to two-week-old Rocco in hospital.

“You can support tiny babies like Rocco this Christmas by making a donation to Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity.”

The clip has since received over 39,600 likes and more than 560 comments from fans of Celtic and beyond, left touched by the kind gesture.

One user said: “This is why I love Celtic, Kyogo is having the absolute time of his life, just look at his big grin.”

Another added: “From a massive Rangers fan this makes my heart smile so much, well done guys.”

A third commented: “Amazing. Well done. Things like this supersede any Rangers/Celtic divide – or at least, it should.”

Another replied: “That’s very special, people don’t see this from football players, but it happens all over.”

A fifth wrote: “Not really into the whole football thing, but this is the sweetest.”

Kirsten Watson, CEO of Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity, said: “It was such a pleasure to welcome the Celtic players.

“There has been real excitement at the hospital, as so many children got the opportunity to meet their heroes during what can be a very difficult time.

“The generous donation from Celtic FC Foundation is also very gratefully received.

“This will be crucial in helping children and families who are going through some of the most difficult times in their lives, and we are incredibly grateful to everyone at the club and the foundation for their continued support.”