Hilarious moment “unhinged” Ed Sheeran gets pranked into dancing to Abba

THIS is the hilarious moment a drunk Ed Sheeran was pranked into dancing to Abba onstage in front of a crowd of hundreds.

Sheeran made a surprise appearance at the Wynn Las Vegas Resort in Nevada, USA last month, during a performance by DJ duo The Chainsmokers.

The 32-year-old joined Alex Pall and Drew Taggart onstage for DJ Snake and Lil Jon’s trap song Turn Down for What – but was left bemused when the pair cheekily cut the song right on the beat drop.

Hilarious footage shows Sheeran taking centre stage as he leads the dancing crowd, bouncing up and down along with the blaring music.

On-screen text reads: “Ed Sheeran stopped by our show, so we had to…”

The crowd writhe along with Sheeran, from Halifax, West Yorkshire, as Taggart is then seen placing his hand on Sheeran – who is hyped up and completely unaware of the trick up Taggart’s sleeve.

Right as the beat drops, the song suddenly changes to the chorus of Abba’s classic Dancing Queen.

Sheeran bounces around for a second before turning to face the off-screen Pall on the DJ decks, seemingly bewildered at what has just happened.

Sheeran, clutching a glass of champagne, then doubles over in laughter as Taggart is left in stitches whilst rapper Russ – who also joined the pair onstage – laughs along.

The on-screen text reads “He took it like a champ and then…” as Sheeran and Taggart stumble around the stage in fits of laughter.

Many fans were tickled by the hilarious moment. Credit to @thechainsmokers from TikTok.

Taggart then begins waving his arms towards the crowd in time with the song as the audience wait for Sheeran’s next move.

Sheeran then returns to the front and centre of the stage to belt out the famous chorus as the text reads: “Came back, even stronger, legend.”

Taggart then stands behind Sheeran as he supports the global superstar in his big moment, with the dad-of-two outstretching his arm to encourage the audience to sing along.

The pair then look to drunkenly dance together with the audience, who excitedly film the hilarious moment.

The Chainsmokers took to social media last month to share the clip, writing: “Luv u Ed [sic]”.

The post received over 664,600 likes and more than 1,500 comments as many fans were left in stitches by Sheeran’s reaction.

One person wrote: “Unhinged Ed Sheeran is such a vibe”.

Another said: “The hill I will die on is that Abba can take over any set at any time in any location and no one will be mad about it.”

A third commented: “Now we need an Ed Sheeran Dancing Queen cover.”

A fourth added: “Drunk Ed is everyone’s bestie – it’s pure chaos and I am loving every minute of it.”