Hilarious moment woman’s video is interrupted by bizarre skateboarding Grinch

THIS is the hilarious moment a woman’s video is interrupted by the truly bizarre sight of the Grinch skateboarding down the road beside her.

Mary Kate Kelly was sitting in her car on Falls Road in Belfast, Northern Ireland last Sunday preparing to film a video for her followers.

However, the 18-year-old was hilariously interrupted before she even got started by a local clearly in the festive spirit.

The video starts with Mary Kate addressing the camera in her parked car, which appears to be balanced on her dashboard.

However, she is barely able to get a couple of words out before noticing something out of frame and hurriedly exclaiming: “Oh my God I need to show yous (sic) this, why is the-“

Mary Kate flips the camera round to reveal what she has spotted – a man dressed as the Grinch, wearing a Santa outfit.

The Grinch rides a skateboard and flies down the road keeping pace with the traffic as Mary Kate says: “I’m so confused, yous need to f*ing witness this, on the f*ing Falls Road.

“Oh my God, yous, I cannot believe this. Yous, what the f**k?”

The Grinch rides ahead of a bus and another motorist, before passing right by Mary Kate’s car nonchalantly and carrying on his way.

Mary Kate then flips the camera back to herself and says: “Oh my God, I was just trying to make a video and like, what the heck?”

Mary Kate shared the video to social media last Sunday where it received over 22,000 likes and more than 290 comments from users left in stitches.

One user joked: “This is the most normal thing to happen in Belfast.”

Another said: “Belfast is a strange place. For the two days I was there I saw a bike with three wheels, a dead seagull and a woman sleeping on a mattress outside then walking with it.”

A third added: “But it’s like every day, every day you’ll see f***ing something in Belfast especially with Anna the nun running about the place too.”

A fourth wrote: “I was in Belfast today with my parents at the market and saw him.”