Hilarious video shows moment man runs in sheer terror from ferocious little sausage dog

A HILARIOUS video shows the moment a man is left running for his life – from a ferocious little sausage dog.

The video appears to be CCTV footage of the front garden of a house in Manchester, where a man can be seen seemingly peering into the back window of a car parked on the street.

However, he is left scrambling to get away when an angry guard dog in the form of a miniature dachshund appears and chases him back up the path.

The hilarious clip shows a man, apparently conversing with someone in the back of a blue car on the street outside the house.

However, mid-conversation a vicious series of barks can be heard, as the man jumps back from the car in fright and runs back up the pathway to the house.

His pursuer – a tiny sausage dog – then round the corner, appearing from nowhere as it barges through the garden gate after the man, barking furiously.

Chaos breaks loose as the man lets out a high-pitched scream and the dog barks and growls at him.

Someone can be heard advising the man from out of sight of the camera, repeating: “Don’t run, don’t run.”

In a desperate attempt to escape the fearsome pooch the terrified man U-turns back towards the garden boundary and throws himself on top of a hedge.

The terrifying pup makes a beeline for the garden gate as it continues to chase the man, exiting the garden back onto the street.

The man then slides back down the hedge into the garden, letting out a little whimper as he does so, as the video cuts off with the ferocious little dog still on the loose.

The side-splitting clip was posted to social media last month with the caption: “Caught me slipping.”

The footage has since gained over 36,000 likes and more than 440 comments from users quick to crack jokes at the man’s expense.

One said: “I can’t breathe why [did] he jump like that?”

Another replied: “I need to know if that scream came from him.”

A third added: “Can someone please explain where the pocket demon appeared from?”

A fourth commented: “I can’t breathe, it’s a tiny little dog.”