Hilarious video shows the moment holidaymaker realises she’s lifted the wrong suitcase

A HILARIOUS video shows the moment that a holidaymaker realises her gaffe and picked up the wrong suitcase at the airport.

Jessica Maciel, had been flying from Dublin to Gran Canaria with friends over the weekend for a sunny getaway.

However, when the group of friends from Dublin arrived at their hotel in Gran Canaria on Saturday evening, they suddenly realised that friend Yasmine had the wrong suitcase.

The faux-pas then led to a social media hunt as the group were determined to find its rightful owner – using credentials tucked inside the suitcase.

The video begins as Yasmine unknowingly walks the wrong suitcase along the hotel landing as displayed text reads: “When you take the wrong bag at the airport”.

Jessica narrates: “Alright, lads. So, we arrived at Gran Canaria – all smiles and then this happened.”

The camera cuts to Yasmine looking shocked as she struggles to form sentences through her laughter having realised her mistake.

The wrong suitcase is rested on one of the hotel beds, fully opened and revealing its contents that are carefully packed.

Two male friends can be seen laughing in shock as the camera pans on Jessica laughing while looking in the mirror.

She narrates: “Yes, Yasmine took the wrong suitcase and we were all falling about the place, laughing.

“We could not believe it.”

As the group descend into fits of the giggles, they are offered a chance at rectifying the situation as they realise the case’s owner has left contact details with their case.

The camera shows the group unable to hold back their laughter as Jessica continues: “So, the girl’s name was on her suitcase.”

The clip continues as Yasmine as she desperately begins trawling through Facebook in a bit to find her perfect swap.

The duo then send a message to a woman on Instagram in the hopes it can help them reach a happy conclusion in their hijinks.

Yasmine narrates: “We basically just sent this message to everyone with that same name.”

The full message reads: “Hey, this is so random but are you in Gran Canaria by any chance, I have a carry on with your name on it and I’m trying to find the owner because I think they have my bag. Because [sic] they’re the same bags.”

The camera then cuts to a feast of food in the hotel restaurant as Yasmine appears ecstatic while on the phone.

Jessica narrates: “So, we then went downstairs to get some food and we could not believe it. Her phone rang on Facebook.”

Whilst her friends enjoy their dinner Yasmine can be seen jovially chatting away on the phone to someone explaining the gaffe.

Yasmine holds her hand to her cheek in shock as she says to the owner over the phone: “Oh my god. I literally was like – mine was taking ages to come out and then I just saw mine and picked it up.

“I didn’t even look at the label and I got back to the room and I opened it and was like, ‘No, this is not my suitcase.’”

Yasmine with her suitcase.
Picture: Yasmine reunited with her suitcase. (C) Jessica Maciel.

Luckily, the owner of Yasmine’s suitcase was only 15 minutes away and so the pair were able to quickly sort the situation ensuring that everyone would be able to enjoy their holiday.

Jessica says: “So, it turned out the girl was only 15 minutes away in another hotel.”

The camera pans to show the suitcase in the back seat as the group ride through a tunnel in a taxi to meet the owner.

Jessica adds: “We hopped in a taxi with the suitcase and we found her.”

The camera cuts to show Yasmine hugging the woman before giving back the suitcase.

The pair chuckle at the comedic turn of events as the swap takes place just outside a hotel in the popular tourist destination.

Jessica says: “We actually found her. We could not believe it. They swapped their little suitcases and little ‘Yazzers’ was delighted.”

The footage ends as Yasmine hilariously hugs and kisses her suitcase in delight.

Jessica took to social media yesterday to share the hilarious events, writing: “I always wondered if this ever happens. Turns out, it does.”

The post received 6,752 likes and dozens of comments as many were left in stitches.

One person wrote: “Glad it all worked out. I love stuff like this – made me smile. Enjoy your [holiday].”

Another said: “This is why I always tie something more identifiable to my cases. [I’m] terrified of this happening. Thank god she got [it] sorted.”

A third commented: “Amazing. I hope you stay friends with her.”

A fourth added: “Happened to me in Portugal in July with the same grey marble suitcase.”

Speaking to Jessica today, she said: “It happened on Saturday just gone when we arrived into Gran Canaria.

“Both girls had the exact same suitcase and both took the wrong one.

“When we got to the hotel, my friend Yasmine needed to get something out of her case, opened it up and realised none of the stuff in it was hers.

“We checked the airline tag and saw the girl’s name on it and started to message and follow anyone we could find with that name on Facebook and Instagram.

“Within minutes, she had gotten a response from a girl on Facebook and found her, it turned out. She was actually Irish as well and she was only staying 15 minutes away from where our hotel is.

“So, within an hour of realising that she had the wrong suitcase, she had gotten her own one back.

“It was mad.”