Louis Tomlinson reveals favourite Girls Aloud song ahead of reunion – in true Yorkshire style

LOUIS Tomlinson has revealed his favourite Girls Aloud song ahead of the girl band’s reunion – in true Yorkshire style.

The 31-year-old was at the Rolling Stone UK Awards when an interviewer for the Official UK Charts posed the question of what his favourite tune by Girls Aloud was.

However, the former One Directioner responded in hilarious style as he answered the question by asking another – whatever song it was that Yorkshire band Arctic Monkeys had covered.

The video shows Tomlinson standing outside of the Rolling Stone UK Awards as cameras flash in the background.

The singer-songwriter from Doncaster, South Yorkshire stands with a black vape in hand as he smiles at the interviewer behind the camera, who says: “Louis, one final question.

“Probably the most important question.

Tomlinson looks suspiciously at the interviewer, appearing to expect an awkward question.

However, the interviewer then says: “Girls Aloud are back together.

“Do you have a favourite Girls Aloud song?”

Tomlinson raises his eyebrows and chuckles as he ponders on the question for a moment: “Oh right. Do I have a favourite Girls Aloud song?”

He then asks: “What’s that one that Arctic Monkeys covered once? Love Machine, I think.”

The interviewer confirms: “Love Machine. Yeah, classic.”

Tomlinson sets his decision in stone, saying: “Yeah, we’ll go with that one.”

Official UK Charts took to social media yesterday, to share the clip, writing: “This is our Multiverse of Madness. Girls Aloud are back, so we had to ask Louis Tomlinson his favourite GA song.

“See you front row at the Girls Aloud show, Tommo”.

Louis Tomlinson.
Pictured: Louis Tomlinson. Credit to @officialukcharts from TikTok.

The video received over 48,800 likes and more than 270 comments from fans left chuckling at Tomlinson’s reaction to the question.

One person wrote: “’Right.’ He was not expecting the Girls Aloud comment.”

Another said: “He was so expecting something like, ‘Are One Direction getting back together’ or something like that.”

A third commented: “They both have songs [called] Whole Lotta History.”

Another added: “Straight to Arctic Monkeys, innit.”

A fifth wrote: “The way he fangirls over Arctic Monkeys.”

Girls Aloud are set to reunite for an arena tour in 2024 in memory of late bandmate Sarah Harding, who died from breast cancer in 2021, aged just 39.

Louis Tomlinson meanwhile is currently partaking in his global tour Faith in the Future in celebration of his second studio album.

The tour will see him venture across Europe throughout autumn and then across to Australia in early 2024.