Oddballs praised for using real people with real bodies in social media ad campaign

A BRITISH underwear company has been praised after using real people with real bodies in their recent social media advert.

Oddballs were founded in 2014 after three men were sat in a pub and decided to sell underwear that could raise money and awareness of testicular cancer.

The company has since raised more than £850,000 for charity with many campaigns involving a variety of sports teams including the England football team and over 300 different products launched.

Couple modelling Oddballs underwear
Couple modelling Oddballs underwear. Credits: Oddballs/Facebook.

The company recently partnered with Jo’s cervical cancer trust and have began raising awareness for their campaign through the sale of their female products.

Over the weekend, Oddballs launched a new advert online picturing a man and woman together in their bedroom modelling a set of the company’s underwear.

In the picture the pair pose for the selfie whilst sporting the brightly coloured boxers shorts as well as the bra and pants.

The duo stand proudly displaying spots, body hair and stretch marks which social media users were quick to praise.

The advert was uploaded last week with the caption: “Snatch your perfect match of OddBalls M+F matching underwear. Couples who play together stay together.”

The advert has been liked by over 400 social media users and has received dozens of comments.

One user wrote: “Real bodies, Hallelujah. They look great, would rather see this than airbrushed models. This is what the kids of today need to be seeing – reality!”

Oddballs replied: “All bodies are amazing. We are proud to have such loving buyers.”

Another commented: “Such a normal real photo that shows what real bodies look like, need more of this.”

A third replied: “Fair do’s on the young lady, confidence!”

Another replied: “Would love to have the confidence to take a picture like that. People would be sick seeing me in boxers.”

Oddballs responded: “Hey, people can think what they want, as long as you feel confidence and comfortable that is what matters.”

Speaking today a spokesperson from Oddballs said: “The reaction to the advert is brilliant – we noticed the really positive comments too and it’s wonderful to see.

“Many of the people we feature in our social media posts and adverts are actually customers, or supporters of the brand; they post and tag us on social media, or send us photos to use on our platforms.

“They all look amazing – and anyone who is brave enough to pose in their pants gets our respect.

“We do make an effort to show a variety of body types in our adverts, and this is something we’re always looking to build upon and improve. We welcome photos from anyone who would like to feature.

“The design they’re wearing is called Trifle – I believe we gifted the product, it was a while ago though (at least a year).

“OddBalls was founded in 2014, as part of an initiative to raise awareness of testicular cancer through the sale of colourful boxer shorts.

“This started off customers flashing their pants to raise awareness! In 2015, our official charity The OddBalls Foundation, was established.

“The Foundation has 50 ambassadors across the UK and Ireland, visiting schools, universities and workplaces, delivering talks on testicular cancer.

“Since then, OddBalls has gone on to stand for more than just ‘balls’. We have raised more than £850,000 for a number of charities, and endeavour to donate £1,000,000 by 2024.

“We pride ourselves on selling comfortable, colourful underwear that makes people feel great. People can choose from our own unique designs, or from our official sports, licensed and charity ranges, to really express themselves.”