Savvy mum-of-one shares creative Halloween hack after failing to find pumpkin

A SAVVY mum has shared a creative way to make her household spooky in time for Hallowe’en after finding there were no pumpkins left in the shops.

Melissa Furneau had been on the hunt for the perfect pumpkin when she allegedly could only find rotten ones on the shelf.

Melissa with her daughter. (C) Melissa Furneau.

However, the Halloween fanatic from Bromley, London, chose not to give up and instead came up with a genius idea.

The 31-year-old was determined not to give up and wanted to find some kind of fruit that could be a stand-in for the famed pumpkin.

She scoured the fruit and vegetable section, eventually came across a huge pineapple, later purchasing it to carve at home with her one year-old daughter.

Hilarious images show the huge pineapple perched on a table with green and brown blots across its middle.

The mum-of-one got to work and began carving the usual accessories to make the perfect pineapple pumpkin with two upside-down triangle eyes and a nose.

The Hallowe’en fanatic then placed a tealight candle into the mouth of the pineapple to complete the look of her one of a kind spooky idea.

Melissa took to social media yesterday to share the creative idea, writing: “Usually, I have an abundance of pumpkins but this year I forgot to go pumpkin picking.

“[I] went to Sainsburys to get one and they had all gone. So, I decided to get a pineapple and carve that instead and it looks incredible.

“Hope you all enjoy my spooky pineapple. Edit: To keep the top on, I used tooth picks.”

The post received over 500 likes and hundreds of comments as many were quick to share their thoughts.

One person wrote: “He’s a scary wee dude.”

Another said: “This is brilliant but I find it hilarious as I’m severely allergic to pineapple so unfortunately, we couldn’t do it as I’d be in hospital. It looks brilliant.”

A third commented: “All I’m thinking is Crash Bandicoot but I love it. I think pineapples should take over from pumpkin.”

A fourth added: “This is cool. Reminds me of when we were kids. We always did turnips because pumpkins were never around back then.

“I miss the smell of the candle in them. They had more of a creepy vibe to them.”

The Halloween pineapple.
Pictured: The spooky pineapple. (C) Melissa Furneau.

Speaking to Melissa today, she said: “I’ve been into Hallowe’en since I was a child. My mum used to go all out and decorate the porch like crazy – we used to make our own decorations, go trick or treating too – we had lots of fun.

“That fun and those traditions have always stuck with me since and now I have a toddler, I like to make her day and she loves all the lights, shapes and spooky decorations I have up in our flat and will continue doing it every year until she is old enough to go trick or treating.

“I popped into my local Sainsbury’s yesterday evening, having forgotten to buy a pumpkin this week due to work commitments.

“We usually go pumpkin picking but we didn’t this year due to the weather and constant rainfall.

“While I was in Sainsbury’s they had no pumpkins left, only a couple soggy rotten ones left and I felt a bit disappointed that I left it really late to get one as I love Halloween.

“It’s my favourite time of the year. I was walking around the fruit and vegetable section when I saw a big pineapple and thought it would look awesome and it did.

“My one year-old daughter loved it too. It’s so much easier to carve and less mess.

“You can eat it while carving it out too, so there’s no waste and it smells amazing. So, the spooky pineapple was my impulsive decision yesterday evening.

“[I used] a knife and spoon. I cut the top off and then cut an ‘X’ inside the pineapple and then started scooping out, pouring the juice into a cup.

“Once I was done, I used tooth picks to hold the top on to reduce the risk of it falling off.”