Scots author Irvine Welsh slams Suella Braverman, brands her a “frustrated bag of hate”

SCOTS author Irvine Welsh has slammed Suella Braverman following the latter’s comments regarding Palestinian protesters, branding her a “frustrated bag of hate”.

The 65-year-old novelist – famed for novels such as cult classic Trainspotting – is no stranger to sharing his political opinions and took to social media this morning to berate the Home Secretary.

Irvine Welsh.
Pictured: Irvine Well. (C) Twitter.

Braverman came under fire this week for describing protests supporting Palestine as “hate marches” and cracking down on homeless people using tents for shelter.

Welsh shared his thoughts on the Conservative MP, boldly describing Braverman as proposing ideas to people that “will never support her due to her ethnicity”.

The writer then proclaimed Braverman as being “destined for sub-Katie Hopkins reality TV status.”

In a post to social media this morning, Welsh wrote: “Don’t get this bam at all.

“The very elements in British society she’s pitching to are precisely the ones that will never support her due to her ethnicity.

“A pointless, frustrated bag of hate and confusion, destined for sub-Katie Hopkins reality TV status.”

Edinburgh native Welsh’s rant received over 1,300 likes and dozens of comments from fans of the author left tickled by his analogy.

One person wrote: “Some say she’s been approached to appear on ‘I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here’ but not as a contestant, but as a challenge.”

Another said: “In a nutshell it’s exactly that. Mad to think what she actually sees when she looks in the mirror.”

A third commented: “She’s fighting what has allowed her family to be in this country.”

Another added: “Yes. Given half a chance, they would get her out of ‘their country.’ None of them are duped by her flag-waving, dog-whistling antics.

A fifth wrote: “Good idea for a show pitch… I’m a racist get me out of here.”

Irvine Welsh is a Scottish novelist based in Edinburgh and is renowned for his popular books such as Trainspotting and The Acid House.