Scots concertgoers leave 5 Seconds of Summer stunned with deafening “No Scotland, no party” chant

SCOTS concertgoers left 5 Seconds of Summer stunned with a deafening chant of “No Scotland, no party” at their Glasgow gig.

The Australian pop rock band were performing at the OVO Hydro in Glasgow last Tuesday, as part of their global tour, The 5 Seconds of Summer Show.

However, the crowd were left wanting an encore – ultimately forcing 5SOS into a performance of Scots footie anthem, No Scotland, No Party, sang to the tune of The White Stripes’ Seven Nation Army.

Video captured by one fan shows guitarist Michael Clifford chuckling as the audience begin chanting: “No Scotland, no party.”

On-screen text reads “No Scotland, no party (5SOS version)” as a bemused Clifford stands awkwardly on the stage, seemingly unsure what to do.

However, fellow band member Calum Hood wastes no time in getting involved, as he begins to strum the riff to Seven Nation Army on his bass guitar.

With the chants of the audience out of sync, the rest of the band follows suit as another guitar is taken up and Clifford plays along, before drummer Ashton Irwin also joins in on the never-ending beat.

The chants of the crowd begin to sync up, roaring the chant at the band who appear to be loving it as much as their audience.

The chant eventually crescendos before coming to an end as the band finish off with one final chord, as cheers erupt from the adoring crowd and purple lights flash across the stage.

5SOS fan Rowan took to social media last week to share the hilarious video, joking: “They came prepared”.

A band member looking shocked.
Many were left in stitches. Credit to @rowannidk from TikTok/Deadline News.

The video received over 36,100 likes and more than 270 comments from fans left awestruck by the impromptu chants.

One person wrote: “This is why Scotland is the best place for concerts.”

Another said: “The way they just let you go, oh my God.”

A third commented: “I just love that they joined it.”

A fourth added: “I was worried he was going to think we were chanting ‘pizza’ after the other night but I’m happy they joined us.”

5 Seconds of Summer formed in 2011, and are well-known for top hits such as She Looks So Perfect, She’s Kinda Hot, and Youngblood.

The band are currently on tour around the globe, following the release of their latest album, The Feeling of Falling Upwards, which came out in April this year.