Scots locals left fuming at “ridiculous” brazen pavement parking on capital’s Leith Walk

SCOTS locals have been left fuming at the “ridiculous” brazen pavement parking seen on the capital city’s Leith Walk.

The 1.2-mile-long stretch of road in the north of Edinburgh has become notorious for cheeky motorists abandoning their vehicles in the middle of the street’s pavements.

The City of Edinburgh Council has previously pledged to combat the issue following complaints from residents, but it seems dodgy drivers are yet to get the message.

One local, known only as Lauren, shared snaps of the most recent offenders, with two separate vehicles found abandoned outrageously across the capital’s pavements, calling for measures to be put in place.

Locals are fuming at the state of parking in the city.
Locals are fuming at the state of parking in the city.

Two images show the vehicles – one that looks to be a white Fiat Punto Evo and another being a white Ford Transit van – parked across the pavements of Leith Walk.

The Fiat has been unashamedly dumped on the pavement next to a sweet shop, where it is covering the tactile paving intended for blind and partially sighted pedestrians.

The car has taken up most of the pavement and lies just feet away from a zebra crossing, with its driver nowhere to be seen.

The Ford Transit was snapped by Lauren just 100 yards down the road, abandoned at the entrance to what looks to be the one-way Casselbank Street.

The van blocks off the lane – its driver once again absent – with its nose and front tyres jutting out into the pavement, obstructing any walkers attempting to get past.

Lauren shared the images to social media last week with the caption: “It’s getting ridiculous on Leith Walk.

“This man has just abandoned his car across the pavement, coming the wrong way out of a one-way street, and disappeared off into a shop.

“We need enforcement here, please. 100 yards down and [there’s] another one.”

The post quickly received dozens of comments and likes from frustrated locals condemning the terrible parking.

One user said: “Well, if they can get away with it? Why not take a photo with the number plate and send it to the ‘authorities’?”

Another said: “We could give the council powers to destroy the car and prevent the owner getting a new one?”

A third added: “Not seen any wardens down Leith Walk, despite it being on record how bad it’s being mistreated by motorists and bad parkers. Missed opportunity to make money.”