Shocking footage shows gang of youths attacking policeman in McDonalds before brave OAP tries to help

A SHOCKING video shows a gang of youths attacking a policeman in McDonalds before a brave OAP steps in to try and help.

Police were reportedly called to the McDonalds on Eden Street in Kingston upon Thames, southwest London on Friday after reports that an expensive clothing item had been stolen from a shop on Wood Street.

However, one of the officers in attendance was soon subjected to a brutal assault by a group of three youths, who fled the scene as a brave bystander attempted to lend a hand.

The video, captured by a member of public in the McDonalds store, shows a policeman on the ground being assaulted by the three youths, who relentlessly aim a barrage of punches and kicks at him.

The harrowing footage shows the youths beating the helpless downed officer.

The assailants, dressed in dark coloured jackets, hats and hoods, crowd around the downed officer and beat him mercilessly as bystanders can only watch in shock.

A female officer can be seen making several attempts to assist her colleague but is unable to push the attackers off him.

An elderly gentleman can also be seen trying to push the attackers off the officer but is outmatched by the youths.

The attackers then flee the building, leaving the downed officer on the floor, who manages to trip one of his assailants – wearing a blue North Face jacket – who falls to the ground by the entrance.

The female officer rushes in to grab the attacker but is quickly scared off by his pal, who lunges at her in a threatening manner.

As the three attackers tear off down the street, the female officer steps outside, whilst her colleague begins to try and get up.

Touchingly, the OAP who attempted to help can be seen patting the officer on the shoulder and helping him to his feet.

The video of the attack has gained over 4,700 likes and more than 2,600 comments from users on social media who showed concern for the injured officer.

Some commenters lodged complaints about how the female officer handled the situation, suggesting she should have done more to help her colleague.

One said: “Genuinely pisses me off that this is the society we live in now. The lack of respect for the police. The police clearly lacking in training, female officer standing there

“And the old boy the only one showing he has a pair to try and help.”

A second replied: “What a s**t show of police combat skills. But gold star for the brave OAP getting right in there.”

Another added: “This could have ended much worse. I hope the police officer is okay. What about the member of the public trying to help the police officer? Wow what a hero.”

Police said that one officer sustained several blows to the head and was given first aid but thankfully did not require hospital treatment – whilst no other injuries were reporter.

There have been no arrests at this time for the shocking assault, which is now being investigated.

Chief Superintendent Clair Kelland, lead for policing in Kingston, said: “I know members of the public will be disgusted by the assault on my officers.

“I can assure them an investigation to identify and arrest these men is ongoing.

“We are very grateful for the concern for the officer’s welfare, and especially to the gentleman who came to the officers’ assistance.”