Shocking video sees death wish motorist weaving in and out of busy trunk road traffic

A SHOCKING video sees a motorist with a death wish weaving dangerously in and out of traffic on a busy stretch of A-road.

The unidentified driver was spotted on the A14 just outside of Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire last week seemingly too impatient to wait for gaps in the traffic.

Captured on the dashcam of a fellow motorist, the nerve-wracking video sees the black Alfa Romeo bullying its way through the throngs of traffic and nearly smashing into several vehicles.

The video begins from the perspective of a camera in the rear window of the filming car, where the offending motorist can be seen barrelling up the A14 behind and overtaking another vehicle.

The driver veers over dangerously, sliding across and riding the lines in between the two lanes at high speed.

The perspective then switches to a dashboard-mounted camera and captures the wannabe racer narrowly squeezing between the filming vehicle and a car in the far-left lane.

Continuing down the lines between the two lanes, the Alfa Romeo then squeezes between another two motorists, causing one of the cars to brake suddenly.

The dangerous driver then nonchalantly veers in front of the car in the left lane and motors on down the road, seemingly uncaring of the danger they had just put the other road users in.

The video was posted anonymously to social media last week with the caption: “Idiot on the A14 this morning.

“Is it worth sending this into the police? This idiot came up weaving in and out of cars this morning.”

The clip quickly racked up over 1,700 likes and 340 comments from users left outraged by the shockingly dangerous manoeuvres.

Some users managed to identify the car’s registration and when looking into it, found that the vehicle was untaxed, further adding to the list of offences committed by the driver.

One user said: “Send it to the police, that kind of driving really can’t be excused.”

Another said: “I would happily gamble a significant sum of money that this [guy] actually thinks he is a really good driver.”

A third said: “I record all sorts of morons on my dashcam, and I’ve never felt the urge to send it into the police – this I would without a doubt, that is crazy.

“All it would have taken is a twitch from another driver and that’s quite a pile-up.”

The person who recorded the video claims to have since reported the offending driver to Cambridgeshire Police.