Shocking video sees man flying down rainy motorway on e-scooter

A SHOCKING video shows the moment a man is spotted brazenly riding an e-scooter along a rainy motorway in Ireland.

The unidentified man was spotted by an anonymous motorist yesterday morning, cruising down the M50 near Dublin, wearing a hi-vis jacket but with seemingly no visible helmet.

Flying down the middle lane in the pouring rain, the stranger appears nonchalant towards the danger he is putting himself in.

The man took his e-scooter down the centre lane of the busy motorway.

The video begins from the perspective of a motorist in one of the neighbouring lanes, who films the man flying down the road at breakneck speed.

Incredibly, the man appears to be keeping pace with the rest of the vehicles on the motorway and seems incredibly relaxed despite the situation.

The rider continues onwards, fading in and out of view of the camera as he disappears behind other vehicles, until he calmly merges into the left lane and exits the motorway at the N4 exit.

The man behind the camera can be heard muttering “nutcase” as the bold scooter rider weaves his way along the busy road.

The incident comes after calls were previously made for stronger rules around e-scooters in Ireland, seemingly to no effect.

The shocking video was posted to social media last week with the caption “M50 today.”

The post received over 600 likes and more than 80 comments from users shocked at the brazen and dangerous actions on display.

One user said: “And if he causes an accident, he’s not insured and gets away scot-free.”

Another added: “Speed is not the problem on the motorways… lads acting the maggot with no guards in sight, ever.”

A third said: “Dread to think that if that chap is going at that speed on the M50 that the pricks riding an e-scooter on footpaths are capable of doing the same.

“Pedestrians and those pushing buggies/wheelchairs don’t stand a chance if there’s a collision.”

Another replied however: “The flute recording it is the one most putting others’ lives in danger, get off your phone you div.”

A similar incident took place on the M50 in June earlier this year, when another report of a man wearing a similar outfit and riding an e-scooter on the motorway was made.