Shocking video shows car park brawl after F.A. trophy game – with player forced to act as peacemaker

A SHOCKING video captures the brawl that erupted over the weekend between two sets of non-league football fans.

Slough Town and Farnborough had just met in the F.A. Trophy with the hosts progressing by two goals to one on Saturday.

Whilst the players left the pitch with dignity, there was little of that in the Arbour Stadium car park after the match as fans traded punches and supporters were knocked to the ground before security showed up.

The mass brawl happened following Slough’s 2-1 victory on Saturday.

The footage shows clashes between hundreds of supporters in the car park of the stadium as one of the players even becomes embroiled in the fights.

Slough Town’s attacker Mickel Platt can be seen in some of the footage still sporting his kit from the game and appears to be trying to act as peacemaker.

He is quickly shepherded away by an unknown blonde woman back towards the changing room in the stadium.

Two older men are then knocked to the floor after receiving violent punches to their heads from a man in a white Stone Island jumper.

One of the men bangs his head hard off the concrete and lays still for a moment before being helped to his feet by a fellow fan.

An outnumbered official can be seen trying to calm the violent situation as fans begin to leave the car park of the stadium.

The fight was shared online on Saturday with the caption: “Slough Town fight today after the game against Farnborough.”

The clips received over 185 comments with more than 730 likes with many viewers quick to comment their views on the unsavoury scenes.

One said: “How could anyone care about Slough or Farnborough enough to get their knuckles dirty?”

Another added: “Good job the safety officer was there things could really have gotten out of hand.”

A third replied: “Blokes smashing their head on the concrete. Getting killed on a manslaughter charge over pub league football. Pathetic.”

Slough Town will find out who their opponents in the next round of the F.A. Trophy are this afternoon when the draw is made.