Shocking video shows heartstopping moment vans almost collide in game of chicken

A SHOCKING video shows the moment that a van driver dangerously careers over his lane and into the path of a fellow van driver.

The dangerous driving took place on the A127 near Basildon, Essex during the middle of the day earlier this week, leaving fellow road users in danger.

The driver of a burgundy Ford Transit begins weaving from lane to lane leaving the filming vehicle behind with little option but to follow.

The person behind the dashcam is then brake-checked before the pair continue to battle as the stretch of motorway continues.

The clip begins as the van tries to get into the inside lane before the Transit van swerves from side to side ensuring there is no room to pass, seemingly unhappy at being so closely followed.

The shocking video shows the vans engaging in a dangerous game of chicken.

The driver places his motor ahead of the driving line ensuring there would be contact between the vans before he would be passed.

A few moments later, having been overtaken, the burgundy van returns and pushes ahead of the driver filming the roads.

Almost immediately having gotten back in front, the driver, filled with road rage, begins another round of brake checks leaving them both perilously close to causing a major crash.

The clip comes to an end as the pair squabble over the road’s space with no signs of stopping before they get to their respective destinations.

The video was posted to social media this week and garnered a lot of attention from divided users, receiving 36,000 likes and 564 comments.

Social media users were quick to comment on the viral video with many condemning the driving of the two vans involved.

One said: “Y’all do realise he could be doing that to say the dash cam driver crashed into him and get money from insurance? I’ve seen a lot of people do it.”

Another added: “There’s always two sides to every story, I’m not defending anyone but is any road rage worth risking your life or licence.”

A third replied: “Fancy showing us before? I highly doubt he started driving like this with no prior altercation.”

Another commented: “Funny where the footage starts, what did you do to the red van first? I’ve not seen anyone brake check for no reason.”

If found guilty of dangerous driving then a mandatory penalty of a 12-month driving ban will be issued along with a minimum three penalty points on your licence.