Shocking video shows old woman punch motorists window before launching into bizarre rant, brands him ‘stupid little pimp’

A SHOCKING video shows an old woman punching a young motorist’s window before launching into a bizarre rant against him – where she brands him a “stupid little pimp”.

The man, identified only as Conrad, was parked outside his pal’s house on Saturday (11 NOV) when an unidentified woman approached his car window demanding to speak to him.

Unsure as to what he had done, Conrad wound his window down, only to have the woman berate him, before trying to snatch his phone out of his hand and tell him to “go away”.

The video shows the woman, dressed in a brown leather jacket, approaching the passenger side of Conrad’s car as he films her initially trying to wrench the door open.

Upon realising the door is locked, the woman angrily lashes out at the car window, violently rapping it once with her knuckles.

Conrad then winds the window down and asks the woman: “Can you not touch my car like that?”

The woman then bizarrely replies: “Can you give me your phone please? I want to send a text.”

Conrad is left in stunned silence for a moment before the woman questions him: “What are you doing sitting outside this house?”

Conrad then returns the question, to which the stranger claims: “I live here.”

Aware that he is parked outside of his own friend’s house, Conrad then asserts “You don’t live here” before the woman, seemingly growing impatient, repeats: “What are you doing here?”

Conrad ignores the question, politely asking the woman to remove her hands from his car, which she refuses to do.

The lad then winds the window down fully, and asks the woman to go away, to which she angrily replies in raised tones: “What are you doing? What are you doing?”

Conrad then repeats his request for the woman to “go away”, to which she stares at him for a moment, before lunging through the window and attempting to snatch his phone.

The woman then incoherently rambles in fumed tones: “I’ve been away, I’ve been to f***ing Zimbabwe you stupid little pimp. Get away from here.”

Shocking video shows woman brand motorist a 'stupid little pimp'
The unidentified woman pictured above, made a grab at Conrads phone before launching abuse at him.

The woman then furiously storms away from the car, leaving Conrad utterly bewildered by her rant.

Conrad posted the clip to social media on Saturday (11 NOV) with the caption: “I don’t know what just happened.”

The video has since gained over 33,000 likes and more than 1,300 comments from confused users left scratching their heads at the woman’s reaction,

One said: “This is like when Bilbo actually wants the ring and tries to grab it from Gandalf.”

Another joked: “She went from Smeagol to Gollum in 0.4 seconds.”

A third replied: “So many questions… is this a man or a woman? What’s Zimbabwe got to do with anything?”

Another commented: “I have a million questions here but why did you roll down the window?”

A fifth added: “What the hell…she’s pretty scary.”