“So done with this job”: Scots driver’s hilarious reaction to being told he has to shift 30kg package across black ice and back into his van

A SCOTS delivery driver’s hilarious reaction to being told he has to shift a 30kg package across black ice and back into his van has been caught on camera.

The unnamed delivery driver’s day went sideways when he attempted to deliver what was allegedly a motorised treadmill to a customer’s address last Monday, only for noone to be home.

The ticked-off driver was then captured on a Ring doorbell camera questioning his career choices before angrily realising he was going to have to load the hefty parcel back into his van.

The video shows the delivery driver struggling his way to the door, shoving the carboard box up the path before pulling it up on its end and leaning it against the wall.

He then rings the doorbell and knocks on the door, before being left in the rain with his thoughts as he waits for someone to answer.

Over half a minute goes by before the man calls out, “Hello” before stepping forward and ringing the bell again.

Still receiving no response, the bloke hilariously begins talking to himself, saying: “I’m going to have to leave this man, I’m not going to be able to get it back in my van.

“I could barely get it out the van, it’s a 30-kilogramme motorised treadmill.”

Looking around and considering his options, the man questions: “On pure black ice? Honestly man, I’m f***ing so done with this job like, it’s a total piss-take.”

The absentee homeowner suddenly chimes in via the Ring doorbell’s voice function as he nonchalantly tells the driver: “Just put it to the neighbour across the road there, by the silver car.”

Looking over at the car the driver shakes his head, grinning in disbelief as he says: “There’s no chance I’m getting across the road mate, its sheet black ice.”

The homeowner, seemingly largely unbothered, groans: “Is it? Aw, f**k.”

The driver continues his rant as he tells the homeowner: “I barely even made it to your door mate, with this parcel, it’s 30 kilogrammes, eh?”

The homeowner then chuckles as he boldly tells the deliveryman: “You’ll have to take it back to the van – honestly, there’s nobody in, the wife’s working.”

The delivery driver stares speechless at the camera for a moment, visibly annoyed as the unapologetic customer simply says: “Aye.”

The delivery man then turns without a word and shoves the parcel to the floor, before sliding it along the ground back towards his van.

The footage was posted to social media last Monday with the caption: “Keep up the good work lad, you’ve made my day. So done with this job.”

The clip has received over 46,000 likes and more than 900 comments from users who chipped in with their own thoughts on the customer and the driver’s attitude.

One said: “The way he just chucks it on the floor and starts scraping it along when he’s watching him.”

Another added: “I don’t understand people who order big items when they aren’t going to be in to accept delivery. I would’ve chapped the door beforehand.”

A third said: “Legal max safe lifting load at work is 25kg so.”

A fourth commented: “It’s all about the time, us delivery boys don’t get paid to hang about. [We] get paid to drop your parcel off – if you’re in, you’re in. If you’re not, tough, [it] gets left anyway.”