The Cats Whiskers secures £150,000 to create the purr-fect rescue shelter

CAT rescue and rehoming shelter The Cats Whiskers received a £150,000 funding boost to expand its facilities and take care of over 150 animals.

Based in Alloa, the non-profit charity supports cats and kittens as well as owners who may find themselves struggling to care for them.

Established in 2018, The Cats Whiskers was set up by four trustees with over 20 years of pet-care experience behind them.

Initially, the shelter aimed to treat and rehome 50 cats in a year, but this number has increased to 150, with predictions to expand further. 

The Cats Whiskers charity shop
The charity is based on Broad Street in Alloa

The charity received the £150,000 package from responsible finance provider Social Investment Scotland (SIS).

The funding boost has allowed The Cats Whiskers to take ownership of its premises in Alloa, allowing the organisation to move forward with plans to upgrade the facilities.

This includes the creation of a memorial garden and various enrichment areas that the charity hopes will also benefit the wider community.

The funding will also allow the charity to minimise its environmental footprint by increasing the biodiversity of the garden and the introduction of solar panels.

The shelter currently has a roster of 50 volunteers and works closely with several nearby charities.

Among them is young person’s support charity Play Alloa, Home Start Clackmannanshire, plus several other animal charities.

The shelter hopes to amplify its social causes by continuing to work with Play Alloa.

Donna Hingley, trustee at The Cats Whiskers, said: “As proud cat lovers, we are thrilled to have the support from Social Investment Scotland.

“This will enable us to have the security and stability in our premises, which will allow us to focus on the care for our cats and owners, by being able to care for cats on a short-term basis too, ensuring every adopted cat is in the healthiest state possible.

“The funding will also give us the opportunity to increase our sustainability practices at our premises and really offer a place that both the cats, and the community will enjoy.”

Chris Jamieson, head of investments at SIS, added: “The Cats Whiskers is doing amazing work for our feline companions, giving them the care and attention, they need before going to their forever home.

“We’re pleased to have helped the organisation purchase the building of the shelter, allowing them complete control of the premises.

“Not only will this allow them to extend their service, but also provide positive impacts for wider local community.

“We’re looking forward to supporting Donna and the team as they embark on this exciting next chapter for The Cats Whiskers.”