Touching video shows moment Brit busker is reduced to tears by elderly gent’s impromptu rendition of My Way

A TOUCHING video shows the moment an elderly gentleman reduces a busker to tears with his heartwarming impromptu rendition of Frank Sinatra’s My Way.

Ami Alex had set up her microphone to entertain Christmas shoppers in Blackburn, Lancashire yesterday when the man approached her and began talking about his wife.

The mystery elderly man told Ami how his wife suffers with dementia but that he goes up to hospital each day to sing to her.

The chance meeting left singer Ami fighting back the tears as the man – later revealed to be named Peter – stole the show.

The clip begins with Ami sitting on her stool in between songs whilst in conversation with the man off-screen.

Peter tells the young musician: “I wish I could play a musical instrument; I think I would’ve started singing sooner than this.”

However, Ami offers encouragement as she tells the pensioner: “Oh well, it’s never too late.”

Whilst shoppers go about behind them, the pair continue their conversation, saying: “Ah well, it isn’t too late, I’ve just sung in the hospital this morning.

“My wife has been in hospital, she’s got dementia, she’ll never get better, I go up and see her every day.”

Ami listens intently to Peter talking about his wife’s circumstances and how singing is good for aiding those with dementia.

The talented songstress offers her condolences on the battle his wife faces, saying: “It’s such a cruel disease, I’m really sorry.”

The profound exchange between the pair finishes as Peter proclaims: “If music be the food of love, play on.”

Ami appears to be struggling to hold back the emotions as tears form in her eyes, before she selects her next song to perform for the city-dwellers.

The musical interlude for Frank Sinatra’s 1969 hit My Way begins to play and as Ami starts to sing, Peter begins to also sing along.

However, it appears that the quality and gravitas of his warbling voice leaves her stunned as she decides to give the grandad a moment to remember, handing him the microphone.

Peter, dressed in a navy-blue winter jacket and cream chinos, belts out the well-known hit leaving Ami watching on in admiration.

Ami Alex began singing before giving Peter her microphone to show his talent. Credit: TikTok

The singer quickly adjusts her camera to capture the incredible performance and allow others to witness Frank’s big moment.

Ami shared the touching video online yesterday with the caption: “I met a real angel today.”

Her video received over 78,000 likes with more than 2,100 comments from social media users who were left in tears by the exchange.

One said: “What a voice on that guy, brought a tear to my eye.”

Another added: “Thanks, now crying my eyes out.”

A third replied: “Crying into my ready meal lasagna, thanks.”

Another commented: “Okay so I am actually sobbing, beautiful.”

My Way originally shifted 2,435,000 sales when it was first released but has since become a karaoke anthem around the world.