Watch the moment cyclist stands his ground against cheeky motorist who tries to skip traffic by using bike lane

THIS is the moment a cyclist stands his ground against a cheeky motorist who attempts to skip a queue of traffic by using a bike lane.

The cyclist – known online as James Bikelover – was en-route down Ellison Road in south London yesterday morning when he was met by the brazen driver.

With the car attempting to get up the road and past the waiting traffic via the bike lane, James put his foot down, blocking the way and refusing to move until the driver had backed up.

The video begins with James cycling down the street past a long traffic jam coming the other way, with cars left at a standstill.

He is brought to an abrupt stop though as he is met head-on by a red Suzuki Swift who appears to be attempting to bypass the halted traffic via the cycle lane, in order to turn right at the junction.

James gestures towards the symbol of the bike on the cycle lane, shouting: “This is a cycle path.”

There is a brief stand-off between the two before James shrugs and the driver is forced to reverse, leaving the annoyed cyclist to question: “Seriously?”

The motorist appears to be confused as to where they are meant to reverse to, forcing James to gesture at a space between two parked cars, which the driver then begins to pull into.

James then points at the bike symbol again, whilst angrily shouting: “This is a cycle path. Do you think this bicycle means something? God, people are thick as f**k.”

James then sets off again, passing the driver before, in a moment of hilariously bad timing, he is met by another motorist who is trying to sneak their way up the cycle lane as he shouts: “Here’s another one!”

Whilst the clip ends before anything more happens, James claims that the second stand-off lasted as long as five minutes, with neither road user backing down.

James shared the video to social media yesterday with the caption: “This morning’s stand-off with drivers trying to skip the queue along the cycle path.

“Quite rightly other drivers were p****d off with them after they were waiting patiently.

“The second car was a five minute stand-off until they moved.”

The footage has since received over 620 likes and more than 100 comments from users left fuming by the motorists’ selfish actions.

One sarcastically commented: “Oh, they are so important. They shouldn’t have to queue.”

Another added: “Cars always want both pavements, the roads and the right of way.

“The occupant is usually solitary and they moan at cyclists for causing pollution. Go figure?”

A third said: “If I wasn’t in a hurry or anything I’d drop anchor in the cycle lane and make them try rejoin the car queue.”

A fourth added: “Five minutes? [They] Couldn’t have been in that big a rush then.

“It’s never about saving time or convenience. It’s about power. It’s about treating bike infrastructure as illegitimate and reserving the right to drive a car in it.”