Woman left stunned after phone case is returned to her after washing up on Scots beach – five years after she lost it

A WOMAN was left stunned after her missing phone case was returned to her after washing up on a Scots beach – five years after she lost it.

Ida Maspero lost her phone back in 2018 whilst she was on a boat in Granton Harbour, when the device fell out of her grasp and into the depths of the sea.

Copywriter Ida long assumed that she would never see the mobile or its case again, cancelling the bank cards and ordering a new driving license after they were lost inside the holder.

Ida Maspero’s returned phone case. Credits: Facebook.

However, the Edinburgh local was left shocked when her phone case was posted through her front door by an anonymous do-gooder over the weekend, seemingly washed ashore in the chaos of Storm Babet.

Whilst the phone itself seems to have been dislodged at some point during the device’s turbulent travels, Ida was left impressed that the case found its way back at all.

An image of the returned case shows it looking a little worse for wear following its half-a-decade disappearance.

The black case has been transformed by its time underwater, with grit, sand and pebbles layered all over it, but has remarkably kept hold of all the cards inside.

The flip cover contains Ida’s bank cards and driving license in the card holder section on the left, whilst the space where the phone would usually be is empty.

Ida took to social media on Monday evening to pass on her thanks, writing: “Thank you to whomever returned my phone case with cards through my door at some point during the weekend.

“Lost overboard in Granton Harbour years ago – I’m guessing around 2018 – and presumably coughed up onto the beach during Storm Babet.

“I’d love to know exactly where it was found, so if it was you, please PM me.”

Ida Maspero. Credits: Facebook.

The post has since received over 230 likes and dozens of comments from locals left amazed by Ida’s incredible tale.

One user wrote: “This phone case deserves an excellent review online for still holding your cards and being in such a good condition. What an amazing story.”

Another commented: “Can’t believe all your cards were still in it after all this time in the water. Amazing.”

One user said: “That’s amazing after all that time.”

Another asked: “Wow that’s incredible. Did you lose the phone at the same time? Seems like storm Babet has delivered some interesting things over the weekend!”

Ida replied: “Yeah the phone was in the case at the time but obviously worked its way loose. Or it’s been appropriated…there’s a really well-connected cod somewhere in the Forth!”