WWE superstar makes Brit youngster’s day with touching gift

A WRESTLING-MAD Brit youngster had his day made after one of his favourite WWE superstars gifted him a priceless piece of memorabilia.

Callan Ney was attending a WWE Live event in the OVO Arena Wembley in London on Sunday with a homemade sign for his favourite wrestling faction – the Latino World Order (LWO).

The 10-year-old was standing by the barrier with his artwork when one member of the group, Santos Escobar, passed by and saw the sign – so stopped by for a quick chat.

The 39-year-old wrestler promised Callan, from Manchester, that he would have something for him after the bout and duly delivered with a match-worn shirt.

The touching video begins as Escobar walks out to the top of the stage to begin his entrance to the ring.

As he walks, he interacts with several fans, before noticing Callan’s LWO sign and holding it aloft to the 12,500-strong crowd.

He leans toward Callan over the barricade and says: “I have something for you, okay?”

The clip then shows Escobar, from Mexico City, Mexico, post-match, having been successful in getting the win, stripping his vest off.

The shirt has been customised with a Union Jack replacing the colours of the Mexican flag on the LWO shirt.

The wrestler holds the shirt above his head in a gesture of appreciation to the crowd before he hands it to Callan, who is wearing a luchador mask.

The pair then touch their heads in a sign of respect before Escobar takes Callan’s sign and once more holds it above his head before signing it and continuing his walk to the curtain.

Callan was gobsmacked as Santos Escobar noticed his sign and gave him the match-worn vest. Credit: Caroline Ney

Callan’s sign shows several pictures of the LWO along with the handwritten caption: “We love LWO.”

His mum Caroline shared the touching video to social media on Monday, writing: “Escobar, you made my little boy’s night. Thank you so much.”

The video received hundreds of likes from social media users and comments from wrestling fans commending Escobar’s actions.

One said: “Your son will never forget that.”

Another added: “That is something to cherish for the rest of his life, Santos is such a sweet man and a wonderful person.”

Speaking today, Caroline said: “We are from Manchester but had travelled down to London for the show.

“We travel all the time for WWE as we all follow it as a family, my partner and I were big fans of WWE growing up, so we were happy when our kids got into it too as it’s a fun thing we can do together.

“We’ve been to London, Liverpool, Glasgow and Cardiff to watch WWE which is cool because we’ve seen cities we probably wouldn’t have travelled to otherwise.

“My son loves the LWO and particularly Santos Escobar and Rey Mysterio, he’s followed them since we started watching WWE again in lockdown of 2020.

“He was absolutely thrilled when Santos gave him the t-shirt, when he first made his entrance, he had spotted Callan’s sign and came over.

“Escobar said that he had something for Cal once the match was over and his jaw dropped, and his little heart was beating so fast all the way through the match.

“When he gave him his t-shirt after the match, he was absolutely thrilled and all the fans around Cal were so happy for him and cheered.”

The superstars of the WWE have now headed to the Middle East as they battle it out for title belts at Crown Jewel this Saturday.