Arsenal legend Ian Wright surprises fan on FaceTime after chance meeting with family

A TOUCHING video shows the moment that Arsenal legend Ian Wright makes a man’s dream come true by snapping a pic over FaceTime.

The former England striker took time out from his Christmas shopping last week to pose outside Bentley & Skinner jewellery shop in Piccadilly in London’s West End.

The 60-year-old beckons an entire family over so they can all fit in the screenshot for the man who can’t believe what has happened.

The heartwarming clip begins as a blonde woman, wrapped up against the chilly winter weather in a black coat, address the camera.

Whilst holding the unmistakable Eau de Nil Fortnum & Mason bag in one hand and a Chanel bag draped over her shoulder, she says: “I’m so sorry but he would never.”

The woman then moves her phone and Wright smiles before chuckling saying: “Oh look, there he is.”

The entire group of girls and Wright let out a laugh as the man onscreen, named Gianni, looks starstruck at seeing his footballing idol.

The former Arsenal striker begins to try and have a conversation with the man, enquiring: “How are you doing?”

However, the Match of the Day pundit quickly informs the women that he can’t hear Gianni and leans into the bottom of the iPhone.

Wright, sporting a flat cap and a sports jacket, continues to lean in and listen intently to Gianni speaking before he begins laughing.

The England international leans back up, chuckling before informing the ladies of the comments, saying: “He said he’s jealous, don’t be jealous.”

This leads Wright to ensure that Gianni gets the best possible outcome from the chance virtual meeting as he enquires about a screenshot.

Ian Wright met with the family in London’s West End. Credit: Ian Wright

The Wrighty’s House host begins organising the group to grab a picture, asking: “You took a screenshot, didn’t you?”

The blonde girl assures both Wright and Gianni on the phone that she’s taken a screenshot as Wright asks the man to step back a bit to capture another picture.

Wright asks for another screenshot to be taken as he begins to smile with the woman before he realises others are hiding behind the phone.

He says: “Now everybody get in, come on mum, what you doing?”

The mother of the family then hooks her arm under Wright’s as the group pose for a picture along with the much-loved footballer.

Wright shared the clip to social media last week with the caption: “It’s Christmassy in the West End.”

The video received over 23,600 likes with more than 430 comments from fans of the footballing idol who were quick to praise him.

Tatiana Eaton said: “Made our day, such a lovely man.”

Polly May said: “Wrighty is such a down to earth chap.”

Nick Howitt said: “What a hero.”

Darren Altman said: “Legend and I’m a Spurs fan.”

Timothy Bartlett said: “Spurs fan but can’t help but love Wrighty, just a genuine lovely man, top, top bloke.”

Ian Wright had a prolific career starring for Crystal Palace, West Ham and Celtic but most notably for Arsenal where he notched 185 goals in all competitions.