Scots locals slam shopping centre over “shocking” and “pointless” nativity scene

SCOTS locals have been left disappointed by a “shocking” and “pointless” Christmas nativity scene set up in the town’s shopping centre.

The Kingdom Centre in Glenrothes, Fife has set up a festive display in one of their windows depicting the traditional scene of the birth of the baby Jesus.

However, many people have been left disappointed by the scene’s underwhelming efforts with some branding it “a waste of time”.

The nativity scene in Glenrothes
The nativity scene was branded a ‘waste of time’ by disappointed locals. Credit: Facebook

The display has been slammed by hundreds of locals online with little support for the traditional take on Christmas.

An image of the nativity scene shows what appears to be the baby Jesus – however the figure used looks more like a toddler with a full head of hair rather than a newborn.

He is resting on a bed of straw and surrounded by various figures of animals and human adults including the three wise men who bring gifts to the newborn king.

The animals who surround Jesus include a sheep who has been placed directly in front of him in a strange stare-down.

There is a brown cow lying on the ground atop a small patch of grass despite there being no grass surrounding the rest of the figurines.

Mary, the mother of Jesus, clasps her hands as she looks down on her child, but the entire scene feels as though it has been cobbled together with little effort.

The lack of any lights or surrounding props and displays only adds to the scene’s lacklustre image.

The picture, snapped by a local, was shared to social media last week with the caption: “This is Glenrothes town centre nativity scene displayed in a redundant shop – not much Christmas cheer here.

“Zilch, no lighting, absolutely a waste of time, better not to have bothered at all.”

The post received over 100 likes and more than 120 comments from locals who were quick to add their own thoughts to the uninspiring scene with many quick to echo the thoughts of the post.

One said: “Shocking.”

Another added: “I can imagine that a lot of businesses can’t afford to have Christmas lights on or to ‘be in the festive spirit’ – everything is expensive enough as it is.

“I guess we should be thankful that the few who have put up Christmas decorations did so.”

A third replied: “Sums up Glenrothes for you.”

Another commented: “Yep, totally pointless.”

A fifth responded: “That’s the Kingdom Shopping Centre for you, charge there (sic) tenants rent that’s through the roof, yet they can’t put on a festive display. The decorations are absolutely dismal this year.”

The first nativity scene ever created belonged to Saint Francis of Assisi who paid homage to Jesus eight centuries ago in 1223.