Baffling moment dopey driver prangs motor off wall of Scots shopping centre’s car park

THIS is the baffling moment a dopey Scots driver misjudges her angles and manages to prang her motor off the wall of a shopping centre car park.

Scott Maxwell captured dashcam footage of the avoidable accident on Monday at the Livingston Designer Outlet in Livingston, West Lothian.

Scott watched on as the white Volvo V60 D4 in front of him checked in to the centre’s multi-storey car park before proceeding to drive right into the corner of a wall.

The shocking scenes begin as Scott and a woman can be heard chatting in their car whilst the dashcam shows them approach a roundabout leading to the shopping centre.

Faint music can be heard playing on the radio as the pair come off the roundabout behind the soon-to-crash Volvo and head onto the slip road for the Livingston Designer Outlet parking.

The car drives adjacent to a Currys megastore and turns left into the car park as a man in a hi-vis vest walks across the entrance.

As the car pulls up into the first of the three lanes allowing motorists to enter the car park by way of a ticket barrier, it sits behind the Volvo, with the female driver getting her ticket.

The woman collects her ticket as the barrier lifts and releases the handbrake to pull off, but somehow veers to the left and prangs her Swedish-made motor off the corner of the car park wall.

The Volvo visibly shudders from the collision and a part of the front bumper can immediately be seen hanging off the car.

The worker in his hi-vis jacket seems unfazed as he continues to work just a metre or two from the scenes.

The passengers inside the filming car including Scott audibly let out a gasp at the unbelievable accident that has just occurred.

The pair then exchange words in the car with Scott saying: “Oh well.”

His companion in the car offers her own thoughts adding: “Eh, that was a good one.”

The Volvo veered left and struck the wall of the designer outlet. Credit: Scott Maxwell

Scott then quickly changes lanes as the dopey driver gets out of the car to survey the damage that has been inflicted onto her mode of transport.

The clip ends as a driver of a Honda successfully navigates their way through the narrow passageway.

The incident was shared online earlier this week by Scott with the caption: “Daft lady crash car in Livingston centre car park.”

The clip received over 9,000 likes with more than 200 comments from social media users who were shocked at what they witnessed.

Fiona Lyon said: “I always go to the middle at Livvy, my worst fear.”

Garry Clark said: “Haha the worker.”

Debby Plomp said: “I was watching thinking ‘what’s the issue’ then bang.”

John Donison said: “Worker was like ‘Yeah seen that too many times’.”

Livingston Designer Outlet is Scotland’s largest outlet mall which opened in October 2000 and contains more than 70 stores.