Shocking moment cyclist weaves between oncoming traffic on busy dual carriageway

A SHOCKING video captures the moment a brazen cyclist weaves between oncoming traffic on a busy dual carriageway.

The unidentified man was caught on camera last week as he cycled the wrong way down the A500 in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire.

The foolhardy bloke can be seen cruising down the wrong lane of the A road, dodging in-between cars and lorries alike, seemingly uncaring of the danger he is in.

The video, filmed by a lorry driver who witnessed the hair-raising moment from the window of his heavy goods vehicle (HGV), shows the cyclist making his way down the busy road from off-screen.

Wearing a red top and riding a stark white bike, the cyclist can be seen passing by two large, blue HGVs as he approaches the oncoming traffic.

Traffic slows for the selfish cyclist as he approaches various vehicles, before swerving into a neighbouring lane and narrowly missing a small white car which is forced to brake at the last moment.

The unidentified man continues along the road dodging cars and other traffic as he does so, switching back and forth between lanes, avoiding cars, vans and even passing in front of another large HGV.

The video was posted anonymously to social media last week with the caption: “Cyclist rides into incoming traffic on the A500 in Stoke.”

The clip received over 1,300 likes and 300 comments from users left shocked by the bold-as-brass cyclist.

One user wrote: “It’s most likely some teenager showing off to his few friends or some TikToker showing off to even fewer viewers.”

Another added: “The ‘riding my bike into incoming traffic’ challenge is something that’d solve itself pretty quickly.”

A third said: “Bet he’s wondering why all those a***holes in cars are going the wrong way.”

Another joked: “I mean there is no right way to ride a bike on the motorway. A collision 70mph head-on or behind-on is still going to sting a bit.”

A fifth replied: “Just one of those people who don’t give a f**k if they cause problems.”