Brit left “appalled” by postman’s foul-mouthed outburst after delivering his parcels to wrong house

A BRIT was left “appalled” by a postman’s foul-mouthed outburst after he allegedly delivered his parcels to the wrong house.

Matt Welsher caught the postman’s shout of anger on CCTV whilst he was out at work on Tuesday but claims his wife heard the commotion from upstairs in their home in Newport, Wales.

The 44-year-old’s clip captures the postman – who allegedly refused to give his name when confronted by Matt’s wife – loudly swearing after he posted the family’s parcels through the door of a vacant home.

The footage shows the postman – dressed in a red Royal Mail coat, black shorts and white trainers – standing at the door of the empty house next door to Matt, with parcels in-hand.

He appears to push some of the deliveries through the letterbox before slowly stepping back from the doorway, seemingly inspecting the number of the house he has just delivered to.

The postie then realises he has in fact delivered Matt’s two parcels and a letter to the wrong house, to which he can be heard loudly and angrily shouting: “Ah, f**k.”

In a moment of desperation, the man then returns to the door and appears to try to pull the items back out of the letterbox.

Despite his attempts, the man is unable to retrieve the now-posted items, leading to him chapping on the door with no luck, as he appears to realise that the house is in fact empty.

Store manager Matt claims that the items wrongly delivered were Christmas presents for his children and relatives, and that he has now been left empty-handed.

He added that his wife – who had allegedly been working from home during the time of the incident – was disturbed by the outburst and soon came down to speak to the man, who refused to give his name.

Matt says he is unable to access the vacant home to retrieve his card and parcels and later took to social media to air his concerns.

Writing in a post on Tuesday, he said: “Hey Royal Mail. Your postman not only delivered my stuff to the wrong house (which I can’t get) but he thinks it’s okay to swear like this.

“What are you going to do about my missing letter and two parcels and this appalling behaviour?”

Despite Matt’s grievances, Royal Mail are yet to comment on his post.

Speaking to Matt today Matt said: “It’s my camera outside. I wasn’t [at home] but the wife was working upstairs.

The alleged postman.
Pictured: The alleged postman. (C) Matt Welsher.

“The postman put a letter and two parcels into the wrong house next door to us and realised his mistake. Hence the swearing.

“Then, my wife came down to see what the noise was, and he was [saying], ‘I’ve put them next door.’

“This house is empty, and we have now lost access to the parcels and letter.

“She spoke to him after the event, when she opened the door, after hearing the shouting. He wouldn’t give his name or anything.

“I was appalled by the outburst to be honest.”

A Royal Mail spokesperson today said: “We expect all of our postmen and postwomen to behave professionally.

“If we receive any complaints about our employees, we will investigate these.”