Beach lovers offered chance to snap up plots on popular stretch of coast for as little as £50,000

BEACH lovers have the opportunity of a lifetime as plots of land on a popular stretch of coastline are on offer for as little as £50,000.

A total of eight different plots are up for sale at the tourist resort of Ingoldmells, Lincolnshire, giving budding Brits the chance to own their own beach.

The plots – which range in price from £50,000 to £250,000 – also vary in size, with Plot A offering would-be buyers a whopping 35 acres of seafront land, whilst Plot G sees just 4.7 acres up for grabs.

Listed on property website Rightmove by Poyntons Consultancy, the plots of land are situated on a beach that attracts more than 2.5m visitors a year.

The plots up for grabs vary in price and size starting at just £50k.
The plots up for grabs vary in price and size starting at just £50k.

This means any potential buyers can expect a flurry of inadvertent trespassers, but also a chance to earn back some of their investment through licensing ice cream vans and donkey rides.

The total stretch of land for sale measures a whopping 3.6m sq. ft., but Brits have been left baffled by the legalities and moral hang-ups of owning beaches.

Furthermore, the land being sold is from the high-water mark to the low – stretches of land around Britain’s coasts that technically belong to the Crown.

Generally, the area over a beach’s high-water mark belongs to whoever owns the adjacent land; whilst the area between the high and low water marks belongs to King Charles III.

Poyntons Consultancy explain in their listing: “The tourist resort of Ingoldmells along with Skegness and Mablethorpe is located on the Lincolnshire coast, famous for its tourist attractions including Fantasy Island, Butlins holiday resorts as well as a large number of other attractions.

“The resort is located on the A52 trunk road. It is estimated to have an annual population in excess of 2.5m tourists per year.

“The area is currently undergoing significant investment, there are a number of schemes under investigation in the area.

“The beach to be sold is unusual in that it includes land measured to the low tide level as per the Ordnance Survey plans attached with these details.

“The beach has been lotted in a number of areas, details of which are included with this brochure.”

The listing was shared to social media yesterday by one bemused user with the caption: “Beach for sale.”

The post has since received dozens of likes and comments from Brits left unimpressed by the listing, reasoning that the ownership of beaches is unethical.

One said: “Nobody should be allowed to buy beaches for f**k’s sake.”

Another agreed: “Exactly. About 90% of me is screaming I want this. But the ethical 10% knows no one should own a beach.”

A third joked: “£500 donkey rides you’ll make your investment back in no time.”

Another explained: “You licence ice cream vans and donkey rides and deck chair hire for a passive income.”