House-hunters left appalled by £220k price tag for London studio deemed a “dump”

HOUSE-HUNTERS have been left appalled at the £220,000 price tag slapped on a London studio deemed a “dump”.

The grotty flat was spotted by one Brit who was left thoroughly unimpressed by the value for money of the property in the Churchill Gardens housing estate in Westminster, London.

Added to property website Rightmove by listing agents Homesale Solutions last week, the one-bed flat’s eye-watering price is in fact already discounted to secure a “quick sale”.

Barely any description from the agents leaves would-be buyers to assess the home based off its four photos – which do not go far in justifying the price tag of the property.

The dingy flat was deemed a dump by house hunters.

Each of the rooms in the flat are unfurnished, lacking even basics like flooring, carpeting or blinds on windows.

The dishevelled studio is made up of one larger room to accommodate the bedroom-come-living room, one tiny kitchen and a bathroom tucked away in a similarly small room.

The main room is grim and dated, whilst in the kitchen, the sink appears to be filled with rusty brown water.

The flat is left dim and dingy with either no or old decoration and not much else, leaving house-hunters to rightfully deem it a “dump”.

Any potential buyers are sure to be left with a large scale and expensive fix up job to be done before the flat is liveable.

Homesale Solutions describe the property as: “An incredible opportunity to purchase this development opportunity to obtain a realistic 30% profit margin or create an incredible first home.

“Equally a very attractive rental yield available. Call for more details.

“The estimated service charge from 1 April 2023 until 31 March 2024 is £1,969.90 and £10.00 Ground Rent per annum.”

The listing was shared by a disgruntled Brit yesterday with the caption: “I’m honestly beside myself at what people think they can get away with selling properties for in London.

“Do these landlord scum millionaires have no shame? What is wrong with these people?”

The post has since received dozens of comments from users shocked at both the state of the property and its whopping price tag.

One user said: “The brown water in the sink is grim.”

Another added: “London is nuts, but this place does benefit from not having the sher in the main living/cooking area, got to be worth something.”

A third said: “The thing is people do get away with selling properties for stupid money in London.

“Although this has been ‘reduced for a quick sale’ so it seems they didn’t get away with what they hoped.”

A fourth added: “London/ers baffle me, you couldn’t pay me to live in that.”