Heartwarming moment Brit Oscar nominee shares shortlist news with 99-year-old grandmother

THIS is the heartwarming moment a British Oscar nominee shared the news that he had been shortlisted with his 99-year-old grandmother.

Max Marlow was a producer on the 2023 short comedy drama Good Boy, which has been shortlisted for Best Live Action Short Film at the 96th Academy Awards.

The 28-year-old worked alongside Ben Whishaw – who famously plays the current iteration of boffin Q in the James Bond films – and shared the moment he told his grandma the big news.

Video shows a grinning Max, dressed in a blue pulled up hooded jumper and a black coat, facing the camera as he calls his grandmother.

The phone can be heard ringing as Max answers in reply to an off-screen pal: “I’m already filming myself. She might be asleep.”

Max’s grandmother eventually answers, saying: “Oh, Max. Hello. How are you, darling.”

Max replies: “I’m all well. I’ve got news for you. Are you sitting down?”

The elderly grandmother then says to Max: “Wait. I’m going to sit down.”

He waits patiently as the OAP shuffles around to turn her television off and ready herself for the news, before she jokes: “Hold it. I’m nearly there.”

Max smiles at his pal as his grandmother jovially announces: “I’m now sitting down.”

Max smiles before saying: “Hello, Nanny. You know I made that little movie in Somerset with the man from James Bond?”

Pictured: Max Marlow (far right) with fellow producers Elettra Pizzi (far left) and Kay Loxley (second from right) and director Tom Stuart. (C) Max Marlow/Instagram.

His grandma confirms her memory of the film as Max reveals: “Well, we’ve just been shortlisted for an Oscar award for Best Short Film.”

He smiles as his grandmother takes a minute to digest the good news before repeating “the Oscars” back to him to ensure she has heard him right.

Max grins and replies that she heard him correctly before his kind-hearted grandmother then softly says: “What a wonderful thing.”

Max then says, “But yeah. Just thought I’d let you know” before his supportive grandmother says replies: “Oh, lovely. Lovely. I’m so happy for you.”

In true grandmother style though, she then adds: “Don’t drink.”

Max promises her that he won’t drink as his grandmother replies: “Alright, good because you’ll get ill.”

She then wishes him well as Max can be heard saying: “Bye, Nanny. I love you lots.”

His grandmother then replies: “I love you too. Bye.”

Max took to social media last month to share the moving footage, writing: “She’s made comments about seeing me at the Oscars one day, ever since I first wanted to make films.”

The post received over 34,000 likes and hundreds of comments from users left touched by Max and his gran’s heartwarming conversation.

One person wrote: “This made me cry. She sounds exactly like my nan. I miss her so much. Thank you for sharing this. What a precious moment.”

Another said: “Take her with you to the Oscars.”

A third commented: “Congratulations, man. This made me think about every time I used to call my nan and tell her my achievements – would do anything for that moment again.”

A fourth added: “This is so wholesome, your nan sounds so sweet. Also, congratulations.”

Good Boy is a short comedy drama film that first premiered at Leeds International Film Festival.

It features main character Danny who is determined to reshape his life despite the emergence of people from his past threatening to stop him from doing so.