LinkedIn recruiter receives hilarious message from cheeky stranger asking him to be guarantor for her new house

A LINKEDIN recruiter received a hilarious message from a cheeky stranger asking him to be the guarantor for her new house.

Callum McPhilbin was puzzled after he received a mysterious text from an unrecognised number on Wednesday simply reading, “Hi”.

Londoner Callum soon replied asking for clarification on who he was speaking to but could never have expected the response he got.

The stranger revealed that she was in fact a woman that had previously applied for a job with Callum, before brazenly wondering if he made more than £36,000 a year and could act as her guarantor in the application for her would-be home.

The hilarious exchange of messages, sent through WhatsApp, begin with the stranger simply texting Callum, “Hi.”

Podcast host Callum shot back with the same message almost immediately before the woman cheekily replies: “Do you make 36k plus a year.”

Baffled Callum confusedly asks, “Who is this”, to which the anonymous woman responds to with a confident voice message.

She explains: “Um, basically, I was applying for a job with you like time ago – like a long, long time ago.

“But, yeah, I found your name on my contacts. Basically, I’m trying to secure a house and they said that they need a guarantor that makes £36k.”

“So, I was like f**k it let me just try my luck, do you get it?”

Callum appears to have not responded to the woman’s message leaving the bold stranger to look elsewhere for her guarantor.

Callum posted the clip to social media yesterday with the caption: “Do you make £36k+ a year?

“Honestly the most bizarre message I’ve ever received from an unknown number…”

The clip has gained widespread attention on social media, raking in over 12,000 likes and more than 100 comments from users both baffled and impressed by the woman’s confidence.

One user commented: “Someone desperately trying to secure a place to live. Good content.”

Another said: “You miss every shot you don’t take, hope she gets that deposit.”

A third added: “I was laughing [until] I realised this person hasn’t got anyone in their life that they resorted to asking a stranger for help.

“Be grateful if you have family members or friends who can do favours like this for you.”

A fourth said: “Are joking me? This ain’t real man no way. Zero shame.”