Brit left in disbelief after somehow getting handbag zip stuck – on her NOSE

A BRIT was left in a state of disbelief after somehow managing to get her handbag zip stuck on her nose.

Kayla Robinson was trying to sling her River Island handbag over her shoulder on Friday when the zipper from the bag somehow lodged itself in her nose as it went over her head.

The astonished 41-year-old was left in both tears of laughter and despair and documented her bizarre accident as she was forced to attend her local hospital in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear.

Hilarious footage sees Kayla addressing her phone camera and grimacing as the brown £31 handbag dangles from her nose – with the gold zip seemingly wedge in her septum.

Hilarious footage shows Kayla standing in front of the camera and grimacing as a brown River Island handbag dangles from her nose, with a gold zip appearing to be attached to her septum.

Kayla sounds in disbelief as she semi-sobs and semi-laughs, explaining: “I went to put my bag over my head and the metal zip has went through the front of my f***ing nose.

“I’m attached to my bag.”

Initially clueless as to what to do, the clip then cuts to Kayla holding a pair of grey scissors and leaning into the camera for a closer look as she tries to cut her way to freedom.

She groans in pain as she says helplessly: “I don’t even know. I can’t even see what I’m doing, you know.

“It’s actually went through the front of my f***ing nose.”

Her attempts are fruitless as she bends down and says to the camera: “I’m going to have to go to f***ing hospital.”

She then hilariously adds: “My clients aren’t even going to f***ing believe what I’m going to tell them today.

“Sorry, I’m going to have to cancel the appointment because I’ve put my bag through my f***ing nose.”

Kayla Robinson.
Pictured: Kayla Robinson. (C) @slaybeautyrooms/TikTok.

She starts sobbing before the clip cuts to Kayla in the hospital looking at her nose – which now only has the zip attached to it – and chuckles at herself, having been given a dose of gas and air ahead of the removal of the zip.

Kayla took to social media on Friday to share the unfolding saga, writing: “Why does s**t like this constantly happen to me? Freak accident involving my handbag and my nose this morning.”

The post received over 48,300 likes and more than 2,000 comments from users left in stitches by Kayla’s unfortunate accident.

One person joked: “Free septum piercing.”

Another quipped: “When your boss tells you to zip it but you didn’t understand.”

A third commented: “I’m still so confused how this happened.”

A fourth added: “It’s unbelievable just how you done this. It should never happen, but it has. I shouldn’t laugh but bless you, I am giggling.”