Scots locals left fuming after public bathroom is destroyed by “pathetic” vandals just 24 hours after reopening from previous “malicious fire”

SCOTS locals have been left fuming after a public bathroom was destroyed by “pathetic” vandals just 24 hours after reopening from damage caused by a previous “malicious fire”.

The loo on Castle Street in Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire, had previously been closed for renovations after suffering extensive damage caused by a fire.

MP Seamus Logan
MP Seamus Logan shared the shocking pictures. (C) Seamus Logan.

However, following a reopening of the public toilet last Saturday, the bathroom was soon in ruins again, merely a day into its new lease of life.

Locals are now calling for the toilets to be locked and keys given to disabled people only, if the loo does open again.

Shocking images show the fresh new interior of the empty bathroom now in disrepair, with the door wide open to reveal the shocking damage.

The toilet bowl has been totally destroyed, with various parts of the smashed porcelain lying scattered around the room.

The tank of the toilet has also been vandalised, with its lid taken off and seemingly smashed on the ground with the order pieces.

Plastic casings that appear to be from ceiling lights lie smashed in front of the door, and the soap dispenser has been torn off the wall and tossed to the ground too.

A white bin has also been kicked over and left in a final cherry on top of the senseless act of vandalism.

The images were posted on social media by councillor Seamus Logan last week who wrote: “These shocking pictures show vandalism at the Castle Street public toilets which were only recently reopened after a previous malicious fire.

“This damage was done within 24 hours of reopening. Police Scotland have been informed but if anyone has knowledge of the perpetrator(s), please contact the police.

“People with disabilities need these facilities.”

The post received dozens of likes and comments from locals left in disbelief at the “morons” who destroyed the new facilities.

Chris McAngus wrote: “Terrible. What they do here in Glasgow is keep them locked and give those that really need the facilities, due to disabilities, a key.”

Valeri Carr said: “Work of pathetic morons.”

Kenny Forman commented: “Move them back to the Broadgate. They will be better there – not tucked around the corner out of sight.”

Gordon Reid added: “Thought the disabled toilets were locked.”

Nicky Waugh wrote: “Big man, attacking a lavvy.”

Aberdeen Council has been approached for comment.